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William Federer, author of many books including What Every American Needs to Know about the Qur’an, was on Radio Liberty with Dr. Stan Monteith on September 27, 2011, and claimed that there is a health insurance exemption for Muslims under Obamacare. (starting at 28:34)

I looked at the actual legislation, and it’s an exemption that applies to designated religious sects, which have yet to be identified.

RELIGIOUS CONSCIENCE EXEMPTION — Such term shall not include any individual for any month if such individual has in effect an exemption under section 1311(d)(4)(H) of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act which certifies that such individual is a member of a recognized religious sect or division thereof described in section 1402(g)(1) and an adherent of established tenets or teachings of such sect or division as described in such section.

Certainly they can’t explicitly say outright that it only applies to particular religious groups, though Federer is right that Muslims, if they sought and received an exemption, would be far bigger recipients than the Amish.

As Dr. Stan rightfully said, the Act is unconstitutional to begin with (because the federal government has no enumerated power to compel residents to buy a private product as a condition of residence), and I think that should be the focus, instead of playing into the hands of those who seek to divide Americans as was no doubt intended by some who conceived that exemption.

Federer mentioned that Muslims only tax non-Muslims, but he really should know about the zakat tax, which is a 2.5% tax on all net assets that only Muslims are required to pay.

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On June 28, 2011, Mises Institute VP Jeffrey Tucker extolled McDonald’s success in the challenging economic times since 2008 in his article, McDonald’s as the Paradigm of Progress.

He points out that McDonald’s appears to be responsible for more than half the new jobs being created in the U.S. recently, while managing to pay more than 30% of its income in annual taxes. However, he does recognize some libertarian criticisms of McDonald’s.

It’s true that McDonald’s is not entirely sustained by the market alone, and even overly scrupulous libertarians have jumped on the attack. It’s true that it has been reported that some of its business loans were backed by TARP money after the crisis of 2008, and, of course, it benefits indirectly from subsidies on corn and the like.

I do appreciate his indirect compliment of being an “overly scrupulous libertarian,” though I don’t think it’s being overly scrupulous to point out McDonald’s feeding at the public trough, including in a big way that Tucker doesn’t even mention — namely, their government-granted Obamacare private health insurance exemption.

While your average mom-and-pop restaurant has to pay the unconstitutional tax, McDonald’s doesn’t, since they have full-time Washington lobbyists.

Despite my view that the private health insurance mandate is unconstitutional, according to an originalist interpretation of the commerce clause, and even according to a post-Roosevelt interpretation of the commerce clause, I don’t think that an exemption for a big multinational is to be overlooked or justified at the expense of the unfair advantage it grants over smaller businesses.

For my critical analysis of the Mises Institute, see how they hate monetary inflation so much, they owned $4 million in U.S. Treasury Bonds in 2007, and how they hate government so much, they’re a government-sanctioned and regulated tax-exempt organization.

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