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Charles GiulianiAfter five months in radio hiatus after the termination of Oracle Broadcasting, due to no other network wanting to pick up his controversial content, Charles Giuliani is back with his Monday to Friday 8 to 10 AM EDT Truth Hertz broadcasting, now on the Waking America Radio Network.

For more on Charles Giuliani, his shows and my contributions to them, check out my article, Called into the last episode of Charles Giuliani’s Truth Hertz on Oracle Broadcasting.

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Mike Chambers LiveAfter nearly four years on the Oracle Broadcasting Network, Mike Chambers Live is indefinitely on hiatus since June 20, 2012.

Rob Chowdah of the Rob and Freeland Show gave his take on Mike’s decision on the July 2 episode of his show (starting at 8:40).

As Rob mentioned, Mike had a challenging timeslot, in doing four hours of radio a day, head-to-head with Alex Jones. I once did two hours of radio, from 8 to 10 AM Eastern, for the first half of 2009, on Right to Redress with Steve Allen and Jason Erb, and that became enough of a grind as a part-time, unpaid venture.

All the best to Mike and his family, and I hope to hear him back on the radio again soon.

On June 4, I had the opportunity to call into Mike’s show about the infiltration of Ron Paul’s campaign.

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