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What a great way to discredit legitimate opposition to the Islamization of Europe and the protests of Germans in particular, against it.

While the organizer of the PEGIDA movement (Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the West), Lutz Bachmann, originally said the picture of him posing as Hitler was intended as a joke, only to quickly step down, I say it was a great way to discredit legitimate opposition while posing as a serious leader. Germany’s Deputy Chancellor said Bachmann is either “an idiot or a Nazi,” but he left out the third, and I’d say more likely, possibility — controlled opposition.

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On the 2012 presidential election night broadcast of Infowars, Alex Jones interviewed Paul Craig Roberts.

Starting at 2:20, Paul Craig Roberts started to make a serious point about Romney’s overt Zionist grovelling:

Paul Craig Roberts: If you look at the two of them, the only other difference is that Romney has already been to Israel, crawling on his belly, grovelling. And supposedly we’re a super power, but here is a man who wants to be president, and he’s crawling on his belly in the ground, kissing Netanyahu’s feet. Well at least Obama had more dignity than to do that.

Alex Jones: He only bows to the Saudi king. Perhaps Romney should publicly kiss Netanyahu’s butt, and then, and then, then he can be elected. Maybe that’s the new swearing in — it’s not a Bible — but Netanyahu bends over, and then, I’m sorry, you shouldn’t have got me going there.

Alex, you’re not even trying to hide your Zionist sympathies these days in diverting attention away from Roberts’ serious point by making a joke. In case you think this was just an innocent joke, here is the picture on the Infowars site the day after, with Obama dressed like Hitler, which resonates very well with his Zionist promoters.

For more, see my articles:

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Gary North speaking at the Mises Institute aft...

My email to Gary North on his October 8, 2010 hit piece on Ellen Brown, the author of Web of Debt:

Dr. North,

You’re getting real desperate with today’s hit piece on Ellen Brown, “Cheerleader for Hitler’s Economics,” as you scramble to defend what more and more people are realizing to be the gold standard bankster scam to confiscate people’s wealth in the inevitable terminal phase of their latest debt with interest money scheme, all in the name of a return to “sound money.” It happened in 1933, it will happen again, and you know it.

This year alone, despite being a self-professed “gold bug,” he admitted gold was a bad investment from 1980-2001, he made the outlandish claim that 21 years is a medium-term investment to justify gold’s embarrassing performance during that time, and claimed that gold coins produced by the U.S. and Canada aren’t money, despite being legal tender.

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I came across this article about Ebay pulling sales of a T-shirt critical of gun control, with Hitler, Mao and Stalin above the caption “Mass Murderers Agree – Gun Control Works!” with the reason, “Images depicting high ranking Nazi officers are not permitted to be sold on the site.” This, despite other T-shirts depicting Hitler still for sale on Ebay.

It reminded me of Bilderberger Heather Reisman (as this article by Canada’s national broadcaster, CBC shows), owner of Canada’s book selling monopoly, Chapters Indigo, banning sales of Hitler’s Mein Kampf in 2001, yet having no problem profiting from sales of the far less known anti-Jewish tract by Martin Luther, The Jews and Their Lies, as you will see here.

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