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Hand grenade 001

I first heard this claim on a show that the late Bob Chapman was a regular guest on, and heard Alex Jones repeat it on June 7, 2012, in a reflection on Bob Chapman’s life.

At 1:26, Alex Jones said:

Bob had been harassed by the FBI, he had hand grenades planted in his house.

The part about “the Feds” planting hand grenades in his house is pure fantasy, and should be treated as such, until extraordinary evidence is provided for such an extraordinary claim.

This is an example of what I find to be the lack of critical analysis among the vast majority of those in the so-called alternative media.

That the government would try to intimidate or kill Bob Chapman using such a literally explosive means strains credulity, in drawing so much unnecessary attention when there are far more subtle ways of killing someone, especially if you have the means of government at your disposal.

Even if hand grenades were planted there to intimidate him — without going off — where is the police report or local media reports of such an incident? It should’ve generated a lot of attention, given the danger it would have placed nearby residents in.

Hand grenades aren’t something you take into your own hands and dump in a nearby trash bin. The police have to be phoned, and the bomb squad has to be brought in. That would draw a lot of attention, even before the days of the World Wide Web.

I could believe that devices made to look like hand grenades were placed in his house, but there would be no way of knowing for sure until they are professionally identified, and it would be putting other people’s lives at risk to make that determination on your own.

Another variation of this story is that they tried planting hand grenades in his home. Well, saying you’ll try something isn’t anywhere close to actually doing it. We learned in March 2012 that Osama bin Laden — despite being killed for the ninth time — planned on killing Obama, but regardless of whether he was still alive to do it, he clearly didn’t do it, and such intentions were rendered of no effect.

In short, the planting of hand grenades in Bob Chapman’s house didn’t happen, but one thing it did do is boost his alternative media “street cred.”

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Canadian Flag

My correspondence with a radio host who is featuring a guest discussing the global warming scam, suggesting that Canada is putting pressure on the U.S. to adopt the Kyoto Protocol and other such schemes:

As for Canada pressuring the U.S. to do anything, that’s like a beaver pressuring an elephant to do something, in sticking with the comparative metaphor we Canadians are raised with.

Recall that it was your House of Representatives that passed a cap-and-trade bill back in 2009 — something that didn’t even pass our House when the Conservatives were in a minority position with the Liberals and two avowed socialist parties.

Now, with a Conservative majority government, there is almost no chance of a cap-and-trade bill being passed for the next four years.

I can’t imagine that Canada would be pressuring the U.S. too hard even under a Liberal government, since when we ratified the first accord, our Liberal Prime Minister quickly gave an exemption to the auto sector, we were generating twice the per capita amount of (new) greenhouse gases than the U.S. was, and the tar sands were ramping up their production, so our government was never sincere about it to begin with. Here, treaties are ratified without a vote in the House and Senate, so it was the case of our PM doing what he wanted for political reasons.

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