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Marc Stevens, a voluntaryist, author of Marc Stevens’ Adventures in Legal Land, and host of the weekly radio program, the No State Project, is scheduled to be on the December 9, 2012 episode of Exposing Faux Capitalism with Jason Erb.

Previously, I wrote about Marc Stevens’ disclosure that Coast to Coast AM bans peaceful anarchists.

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Coast to Coast AM

On the November 20, 2012 episode of Truth Hertz with Charles Giuliani, voluntaryist writer and radio host, Marc Stevens, said at 1:53:56 (with pause words removed):

I did Coast to Coast and was reamed off air because the host, Ian Punnett, had this idea that “if Marc had said he was an anarchist, he never would’ve been on the show. He lied to get on the show.” And that’s just not true. The idea that anarchists is anything other than voluntary interaction and non-violence and that we reject the concept of leaders, anything beyond that is just a lie. And it’s done by people like Ian Punnett and these other talking heads who have a vested interest in the way things are right now — making an awful lot of money killing brown people over in the Middle East.

The current system of government is beneficial and profitable for the Zionist handlers of Coast to Coast AM, since it serves their militaristic, pro-Zionist, pro-debt-slavery agenda.

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Coast to Coast AM

At the end of his November 19, 2011 interview with Dr. Adrian Krieg, Erskine of Erskine Overnight said (starting at 48:00 with pause words removed):

I’ll tell you what happened to me, Dr. Krieg. I got a phone call from one of the major networks — radio networks, not TV — and they said, ‘hey, we’d like you to do this radio show and there’s a lot of money in it, and it’ll be very good, we think you’d be very good on it. Cover a lot of paranormal topics, that type of thing.’

I said ‘fine, that sounds great.’

‘But you can’t do any of that conspiracy stuff, nobody wants to hear any of that conspiracy stuff.’

So that tells you exactly what they’re doing. You take Clear Channel and, it was a Clear Channel thing, and that’s exactly what they were doing. They were giving you your marching orders before you even took it. Yeah, I could’ve been extraordinarily famous, other people have done it, other people have taken it. But the fact of the matter is, they promise you the money and everything else. Isn’t that a lot like what Satan did to Jesus? I mean, I’m sorry, I’m not comparing myself to Jesus or them to Satan, but this is sort of the way of the world, isn’t it?

To me, this sounds like one show, and one show only —¬†Coast to Coast AM. With “a lot of paranormal topics,” promises of “lots of money,” not covering a lot of “conspiracy” topics (before George Noory’s tenure), how it could’ve made Erskine “extraordinarily famous,” and how “other people have done it, other people have taken it” — implying it was an existing show. The fact that their guest list shows no entry for Erskine, or his real name, is further indication to me that it was the show he was offered to host, and turned down on principle.

If Coast to Coast AM is the show Erskine is referring to, then the question becomes what offer was made to those who have hosted it on a regular basis, including Art Bell, Barbara Simpson, Whitley Strieber, Mike Siegel, Hilly Rose, Ian Punnett, Rollye James, George Knapp and George Noory?

To those hosts where the offer was the same, with promises of fame and fortune on the condition of not being able to discuss certain issues that really matter, then what does that say about their journalistic integrity?

Art Bell kept certain “conspiracy” topics (9/11 Truth) and guests (Alex Jones, David Icke) off their air during his reign, and the interim hosts before George Noory had to follow their marching orders.

Then, since George Noory has became host in 2003, I have evidence showing how he has been gatekeeping a huge issue, despite his pretenses to the contrary in covering new topics and guests that Art wouldn’t.

An example of certain “conspiracy” topics being kept off the air is found by a Google search for “Trilateral Commission” on Coast to Coast’s website. You’ll see that only two show descriptions mention it, and the only one where it was discussed in an in-depth show was with Michael Ruppert, who was invited back only once, in which he dressed down long-time guest, Jerome Corsi, concerning several blatant errors in his book, Black Gold Stranglehold, and that appearance is missing from the new website, but can still be found on the old one.

For more on the Trilateral Commission, see my article, Paul Volcker laughs at the great increase in wealth disparity over the past 10 to 15 years, and at Americans for not speaking out more forcibly against it.

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Coast to Coast AM

Coast to Coast AM, “America’s most listened to late night talk show,” is owned by Premiere Radio Networks, a subsidiary of mass media giant Clear Channel Communications, Inc., despite claiming to provide a real alternative media platform.

Coast to Coast AM has some very well-researched and serious guests — this article isn’t about them. It’s about the questionable guests of Coast to Coast AM.

Len Horowitz (last on June 2, 2011)
– A Knight of Malta through the Knight’s Hospitallers, self-professed descendant of both Yeshua and Moses (theologically impossible), purveyor of the “HIV was created in a lab” theory that relies solely on circumstantial evidence, and, after being a regular, was banned as a guest on the Alex Jones Show in late 2009.

Richard Miniter (last on May 24, 2011)
– Torture advocate who said on C-SPAN that those who say Khalid Sheikh Mohammed was waterboarded 183 times “are being a bit cute.

Steve Quayle (last on April 5, 2011)
– Known for his effortless and blithe fear-mongering. On April 19, 2008, he was on with Saturday host Ian Punnett, and was so depressing that Punnett ended the interview early as a result of an email he had received before that from a purported listener saying he/she was so depressed that they had contemplated suicide.

Theoretical physicist Michio Kaku (last on March 19, 2011)
– Said in 2010 that those who resist the transformation of our world from a type 0 civilization (independent nation states) to a type 1 (planetary) civilization are “terrorists.

Major Ed Dames (last on March 16, 2011)
РSelf-described remote viewer who has a litany of failed predictions, which seem to be no barrier to being repeatedly invited back on.

Col. John Alexander (last on February 20, 2011)
– A strong advocate of non-lethal weaponry who claimed on his June 21, 2009 appearance that no one has ever been killed by a taser. George Noory received a flurry of understandably concerned and outraged emails, that he took the rare step of posting this response on the website.

Jordan Maxwell (last on February 5, 2010)
– Claims without any hard evidence, that your birth certificate is a security traded on an alleged “world stock exchange,” and the New York Stock Exchange. For more, see my article, No evidence that your birth certificate is traded on any exchange.

James Fetzer (last on February 23, 2006)
– Allowed on the show until he started giving credence to “no plane” theories of 9/11. He has repeatedly gotten into divisions with prominent members of the movement including Stephen E. Jones, Alex Jones, and even Dr. Judy Wood.

Morgan Reynolds (last on February 23, 2006)
– Former Chief Economist in the Department of Labor in the George W. Bush administration, who was allowed on the show until he also started giving credence to “no plane” theories of 9/11 once he had built up credibility and a prominent voice within the movement.

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