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The Daily BellThe Daily Bell, which had previously blasted Alexa as an “elite methodology,” only to later adopt it, has had 5 Alexa reviews in just 8 days since October 29, 2012.

I’m sure these reviews are completely spontaneous. Let’s review the facts:

The Daily Bell started in 2008, and had only received one Alexa review prior to October 29, 2012 — on December 2, 2010.

All 5 reviewers have so far provided only one review, and gave it 5 out of 5 stars, showing how must they must really like the Daily Bell. Compare it to a site like henrymakow.com, which has had a comparable ranking at times and has been around longer than the DB, yet has no Alexa reviews as of November 21.

While some of them try to come off as average readers, some very detailed descriptions are provided that read like a public relations advertisement.

For instance, this part of the review by “opinionated”:

The “Think Tank” at the Daily Bell allows readers to look up glossary terms and biographies of people through links in the articles that lead to pop-up, floating windows—very handy.

Then, listen to this review by “arnold von winkelried”:

I enjoy the incisive analysis of current events by The Daily Bell’s talented team of staff reporters who dissect daily news stories from various mainstream media outlets and analyze them from a free market, libertarian perspective. In addition to the excellent staff reports, The Daily Bell has done an incredible job of assembling many of the leading libertarian thinkers and voices and runs a steady stream of editorials by an impressive team of contributing editors, such as Ron Paul, Lew Rockwell, Tibor Machan, Paul Craig Roberts, Ron Holland, John Browne, Peter Schiff, Bill Bonner and Anthony Wile, Founder and Chief Editor of The Daily Bell. One of my favorite days to read The Daily Bell is Sunday. Every Sunday The Daily Bell features a guest interview with some of the world’s most prominent libertarians. Some of the recent interviews conducted by The Daily Bell have been with Jim Rogers, Brian Doherty, Ed Griffin, Rick Rule, Judge Andrew Napolitano, Doug Casey, Gerald Celente, Jeff Berwick, Axel Merk, Richard Ebeling, Mark Skousen and Robert Ould…to name just a few. The Daily Bell is a must read for those interested in thought provoking articles written from an Austrian School of Economics point of view.

But what he doesn’t say is how the founder admitted to advising and consulting to large international banks, how they have repeatedly attempted to redefine Zionism, how they have adopted an “elite methodology” in using Alexa rankings, and how they promote a so-called free market gold standard, which prominent Austrian School devotee Gary North admits has never existed in history.

If all these rankings are indeed by sincere regular readers of the Daily Bell, without any direct ties to the organization itself, it is indeed interesting that they would write such glowing reviews on a site that the Daily Bell had blasted as an elite methodology. In any case, it shows they recognize the importance of impression management.

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