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From the April 26, 2011 Infowars.com article, Ron Paul 2012: Last Chance to Rescue America?, Paul Joseph Watson wrote:

With Ron Paul now all but certain to officially announce his bid for the 2012 presidency, it is imperative that Americans understand that the Texas Congressman represents the United States’ last hope of preserving its position as a pre-eminent economic superpower and avoiding a Soviet-style collapse into an abyss of debt, depression and decay.

In many ways, Americans have been gifted one final opportunity to rescue their country, and Ron Paul represents the nation’s last hope.

Since when is a single fallible person to be relied upon as a saviour for any nation?

Since, according to Alex Jones’ primary writer, Paul Joseph Watson, there is no more hope for America, why is Infowars.com and the Alex Jones operation still in business, bigger than ever, claiming to be “the tip of the spear” of the resistance against the New World Order? Was this just bald-faced rhetoric, or does its continued operation fulfill some larger purpose?

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Apparently Infowars.com didn’t get the declaration of war by their former writer, Keith Johnson, in still having him listed as a contributor as of April 20, 2012 (emphasis mine).

Contributing Writers
Mike Adams
Eric Blair
Dana Gabriel
Anthony Gucciardi
Keith Johnson
Saman Mohammadi
Paul Craig Roberts
Andrew Steele
Webster Griffin Tarpley
Brandon Turbeville

It’s really quite humorous when you read what he actually wrote, including this opening statement:

“Here is a letter I sent to Alex Jones, Kurt Nimmo and the rest of the Zionist trash over at INFOWARS:

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Here’s a feature article they published on March 30, 2012, that is a total joke and speculative propaganda, about Elena Kagan, Janet Napolitano and Janet Reno allegedly being testosterone-shooting lesbians.

Earlier that week, they posted this article that will make you laugh from all the spelling and grammatical mistakes, and how it looks like Jethro from the Beverly Hillbillies wrote it.

In case you think it may be a flash-in-the-pan, here’s a short “article,” also from March 30, that some kid could’ve written from their parents’ basement, musing about the DHS’ bullet purchase.

Previously, I wrote the articles Incredibly misleading Infowars.com headlines and An obvious editorial shift at Infowars.com regarding Israel.

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Here is the comment, reproduced in full, before it is automatically removed in a couple weeks, in response to Infowars.com republishing The Daily Bell article, Central Banks Won’t Produce Natural Interest. Notice how they predictably fail to distinguish between public non-BIS-member central banks (Libya’s until the NATO bombing, Syria’s, Iran’s — notice a pattern?) and private central banks.

“Benrod says:
March 30, 2012 at 6:23 am

“The gibberish contained in the above excerpt is only magnified throughout the article.”
The article itself is, in fact, gibberish.
It is written by a person whose job is to write articles for a banking website about bankers and the jargon and gibberish that the bankers use while using the same gibberish to blast the banks, bankers, and banking practices that caused the website (and the author’s job) to exist in the first place, all the while still promoting the perpetuation of the machine that created itself.
Does that mean there is “greenbackerists”?
Extreme greenbackerists?
And the history lesson is completely un-necessary.
“…Knut Wicksell’s ‘natural rate of interest’”. But who was Knut Wicksell and what is the “natural rate of interest” – and does it matter?”
Creating a catchy phrase automatically means that the creator is a financial genius?
Critically analyzing the jargon while using the jargon shows genius, too?
Maybe the interest rates (“natural” or not) would be “better” (perspectively) if so much time and money wasn’t WASTED to have articles like this (and websites like TheDailyBell)…
What a RANT!
My fingers are out of breath…”

I first publicly questioned The Daily Bell on February 10, 2011, with Strange Bedfellows: The Federal Reserve and The Daily Bell.

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Someone on the forums at somethingawful.com included this site as one of their best news sources, and categorized it as liberal/progressive, along with the top 1% rated crooksandliars.com.

Perhaps it’s because he read these articles:
“CIGI’09: Towards a Global New Deal (Without the Average Person),” or
“The Voice of the Working Man,” or
“Voters in 14 out of 15 states with a higher than average number of households making $200K+ voted for the presidential candidate who promised to raise their taxes!”

But I wonder if the author knew that 4 of my articles have been posted on Alex Jones’ Infowars.com and Prisonplanet.com, or if he/she read any of these articles:
“The first step in health care reform: recognizing that health care is not a right,” or
“President Bill Clinton in 1996: “The era of big government is [NOT!] over — 13 years later,” or
“Why the Federal Reserve central bank of the United States is illegal”

Still sound liberal/progressive to you? FauxCapitalist.com: beyond definition!

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My comment posted on the November 27 PrisonPlanet.com article, “Canadian Border Officials: Political Thought Police,” on the detention of Amy Goodman, for her intended lawful comments on the upcoming Vancouver 2010 Olympics.

Absolutely disgusting. Holding someone up at the border, questioning them as to what they planned on lawfully saying, while they let that criminal, George W. Bush, into Canada three times now since he ended his criminal presidency (signed the unconstitutional Patriot Act, authorized unlawful warrantless wiretapping, went to war against Iraq on the basis of several lies, and without a constitutional declaration of War by Congress,

My comment after that, in <> brackets, got cut off. I wrote, “see Congressman Dennis Kucinich’s articles of impeachment against President Bush, for more information.

A great editorial on Infowars.com from November 30, “The Constitutional Bankruptcy of our Republic,” sums up my sentiments exactly.

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On Infowars.com today, I saw the shocking headline “Barney Frank: We Are Trying On Every Front To Increase The Role Of Government.”

That’s not a controversial statement to anyone who has been following the number and nature of the bills that have been tabled and passed in the House of Representatives since January 2009. However, it would be quite the open admission from a prominent American politician, and I was therefore surprised. It would be red meat even to many politically centrist Americans.

Sure enough, he did say that.  And more. The full quote was, “We are trying on every front to increase the role of government in the regulatory area.”

Those four extra words make all the difference in the world, in terms of what Rep. Frank said. It’s the difference between openly declaring what has been and is taking place overall, for quite some time, versus what is taking place now, in a specific area. Very few would argue that total government non-regulation of credit default swaps (one of the most speculative financial instruments ever devised), is a good thing. The world-wide derivative meltdown of 2008, stemming in large part from unregulated credit default swaps, would indicate otherwise.

I agree with one commenter on the Infowars.com post that their quotation is misleading. But don’t let that make you rely on Rep. Frank or any other American politician openly declaring what you already know to be true. Namely, what your government and representatives have been doing for quite some time — trying on every front to increase the role of government.

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