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This has now happened three times, with moderators at CBC.ca blocking my fact-based comments about Israel.

First, in pointing out the late Rabbi Ovadia Yosef’s comment about Gentiles existing to serve Jews, on an article about his passing. In that case, I actually provided a link to my sources, whereas someone else’s comment without a source, got through.

Then, my comment about Israel’s internet task force to combat “hate” was blocked.

And now, my comment on Clippers’ owner Donald Sterling on Jewish racism in Israel.

CBC-Israel-comment-Screen Shot 2014-05-12 at 11.03.26 AM

CBC-Israel-comment-blocked-Screen Shot 2014-05-12 at 11.33.07 AM

What at first made me shake my head has now annoyed me, as my tax dollars are being used for this censorship operation, and they have no reason to censor my fact-based comments that don’t violate their terms of agreement, being a public service, unlike a private service like that of the many online newspapers that have the right to block any comments for whatever reason.

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America’s mass media must’ve missed out on this story, in making such a big deal about Shariah law allegedly coming to American cities, when Orthodox Jewish law is already here in New York City, according to this January 19, 2014 video.

Showdown In BP Between TLC Police & Residents
The NYC’s Taxi & Limousine (TLC) Police has lately been spending a substantial amount of time on the streets of Boro Park, stopping vehicles and sometimes ticketing and even towing them. The mission of the TLC Police is to enforce the taxi commission’s rules and regulations. They are apparently looking for illegally operating car services, who do not have proper licensing and insurance.

The video below was taken on Sunday January 19, 2014 in Boro Park.

Rev. Ted Pike does an excellent job of discussing the apartheid that Hasidic Jewish groups are seeking in New York City, by even wanting their own criminal justice system. Did America’s mass media really miss out on this story, or are they intentionally blocking it because it doesn’t fit their narrative? From coverage of the past few years, we have certainly seen that they have an agenda to raise concerns about Shariah law coming to America’s cities when it’s the same mass media that promotes mass immigration of people from very different cultures to America.

For more on some of the selective propaganda in the media against certain groups, see my article Avi Lipkin disses Muslims again in his role as propagandist.

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Amazon.comFrom the October 24, 2013 CTV article, Amazon called on to pull books denying holocaust, glorifying rape and incest:

A number of groups, including the World Jewish Congress, are calling on Amazon to stop selling books that deny the Holocaust, as well as Nazi paraphernalia from its website. They say if the retailer refuses, the next step will be a boycott.

The online retailer made headlines earlier in October when a media report revealed that Amazon carries a number of books with the titles like “Did six million really die? The truth at last,” “The Synagogue of Satan” and “The myth of extermination of the Jews.”

My response to this threat of a boycott by some Jewish extremists is to purchase the very books in question from Amazon, to show my support for freedom of speech and inquiry of all historical matters, despite how uncomfortable the findings may prove to be for some.

Here are my receipts:

Screen Shot 2013-10-26 at 6.37.43 PM - Amazon.ca book purchase

Screen Shot 2013-10-26 at 6.34.56 PM - Amazon.ca book purchase

Fortunately, there is also the Canadian Civil Liberties Association, among others, standing up for freedom of speech in Canada:

Cara Zwibel from the Canadian Civil Liberties Association said the group strongly believes in freedom of expression.

“We believe in very broad and robust protections for freedom of expression, even for expression that we and most Canadians would consider extremely offensive,” she said.

For more on how I handled another threat by extremists employing ADL-inspired tactics, see my article, Oracle Broadcasting being threatened by a dirty, covert campaign to target its sponsors., where I ultimately donated $800 of my own money to keep the network from being taken down by cowards opposed to free speech.

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George NooryHere’s what George Noory won’t be discussing at his June 29, 2013 Conspiracy Culture appearance in Toronto:

1) George Noory of Coast to Coast AM’s outrageous Alex Jones-Hitler hypocrisy

2) George Noory: “If it’s Jewish, I’m in support of it”

3) George Noory’s willful indifference to those suffering from the AIDS scam

Previously, I wrote the article, What George Noory won’t be discussing at Conspiracy Con 2012, about 10 things he wouldn’t dare tell his audience about, with one of the most prominent being Erskine of Erskine Overnight implies that George Noory made a deal with the devil in becoming host of Coast to Coast AM.

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George Noory

“If it’s Jewish, I’m in support of it!”

As further evidence that George Noory is a panderer to Jewish Zionists, including his masters at Premiere Radio Networks, this caller to Michael Rivero’s What Really Happened on RBN disclosed in 2011 (at 3:29):

I listen to Coast to Coast with George Noory, and I was always amazed that he never had anything good to say about anybody but the Israeli people, so I wrote him an email and I said, “how come everybody on your show, all your guests, all your book writers, more or less, in general, are really just cracking heads with the Muslims, and the Jews can walk on water, and the Muslims, they can’t even get the weather right?”

And he wrote back to me. You know what he wrote back? He wrote back, “I don’t care what it is, if it’s Jewish, I’m in support of it.”

Previously, I wrote the articles:

1) Coast to Coast AM more Jewish Zionist than Christian Zionist

2) Coast to Coast AM smears Islam, stays silent on Zionism

3) Coast to Coast AM site and show descriptions laughably contain no references to Zionism

4) Coast to Coast AM has self-admitted disinformation promoter, Gordon Duff on the show

5) Alan Watt says the purpose of certain shows (like Coast to Coast AM) is to confuse people and discredit legitimate information

6) Coast to Coast AM’s upcoming hypocritical gatekeeping shows

7) Erskine of Erskine Overnight implies that George Noory made a deal with the devil in becoming host of Coast to Coast AM

8) George Noory’s willful indifference to those suffering from the AIDS scam

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On the December 16, 2012 episode of Exposing Faux Capitalism with Jason Erb, I interviewed Professor Kevin MacDonald in the first hour, and provided commentary in the first half of the second hour.

We discussed the following issues:

  • His 1998 prediction: “The United States is well on the road to being dominated by an Asian technocratic elite and a Jewish business, professional, and media elite.
  • His alternative political party, the American Third Position Party
  • His publications, the Occidental Observer and the Occidental Quarterly
  • Challenging the double standard that it’s OK for every ethnic group except for white people to have ethnic pride, and those Jewish groups who take exception with this, while having members who hypocritically express Jewish ethnic pride.
  • Challenging the deliberate distortion of “too many white men” in the power structure, while deliberately failing to point out the disproportionate representation of Jewish men (and women), with specific reference to this November 28, 2012 episode of Ontario’s public broadcaster’s show, The Agenda with Steve Paikin.
  • A Jewish professor at Harvard taking exception with the alleged overrepresentation of Asian students at Harvard, while omitting the documented greater overrepresentation of Jewish students at Harvard, with reference to their declining academic performance over the past decade.
  • Canada’s weekly magazine, Maclean’s November 2010 front page cover, “Too Asian?”, as a steam valve release, and I mused as to what the response would be had the title been “Too Jewish?”, with pictures of prominent Jewish bankers or Jewish media personalities
  • The double standard of many Zionist Jews in favouring mass immigration of various groups into the United States and other Western countries, while being against mass non-Jewish immigration into Israel

In the second hour, I covered the CBC propaganda article, Neil MacDonald: The dismantling of the Tea Party. and provided some commentary on Lee Rogers’ upcoming final broadcast of Live Free or Die Radio on December 21, 2012.

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Dr. Kevin MacDonald, professor of psychology at California State University, Editor-in-Chief of the Occidental Observer and the Occidental Quarterly, and Director of the American Third Position Party, is scheduled to be on Exposing Faux Capitalism with Jason Erb on December 16, 2012 from 1 to 2 PM Eastern.

This is one of my most anticipated interviews, as I first heard about Professor MacDonald in 1998, when I came across this prescient statement of his that spoke to what was merely a speculative future event to most, and yet was what I was witnessing as a current event as a student at a technical university, and as one who had been carefully following international politics and business:

The United States is well on the road to being dominated by an Asian technocratic elite and a Jewish business, professional, and media elite.

Previously, Kevin MacDonald was interviewed by fellow Oracle Broadcasting hosts Charles Giuliani on the December 7, 2012 episode of Truth Hertz, and by Dennis Fetcho on the December 15, 2012 episode of Inside the Eye Live!

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