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I helped to arrange this interview for Joan Shenton on the Robert Scott Bell Show on June 24, 2012, which starts at 15:15.

Joan is the founder of the Immunity Resource Foundation, and she gives a recap of the June 21-22, 2012 AIDS rethinker conference in France.

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English: the AIDS ribbon

An AIDS rethinker conference will be taking place in France from June 21-22, 2012.

A good place for a vacation, but also to brainstorm about how to finish off the HIV=AIDS paradigm. Is it possible? Coordinators Martin Barnes and Georg von Wintzerode think so. The dates are June 21-22 and the location is a small stone village not far from the historic Pont du Gard, built by the Romans 2000 years ago. Will we have to wait that long? Honorary Conference Chair Etienne de Harven, MD will offer his opinions, as will Joan Shenton after showing her new film, Positively False. Dr. Nancy Banks will be there and representatives from Russia, Italy, and Gernany are among the early enrollers. The conference cost is free.

I arranged a live post-conference summary interview with Joan Shenton on the Robert Scott Bell Show, on Sunday, June 24.

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Robert Scott Bell

Robert Scott Bell appeared on Alex Jones‘ show for the first time today, talking about heavy metal toxicity. Let’s hope that Alex will listen to what Mike Adams and Robert have to say about the $300+ billion HIV/AIDS scam, instead of bioweapon proponent, Len Horowitz, who, since 1996, almost single-handedly neutralized the alternative media from effectively challenging the AIDS establishment until the past few years.

For the most extensive series of interviews on the scam from 2008-2010, see George Whitehurst Berry of “Crash! Are You Ready?” interviews on the AIDS scam, and for the one of the most recent interviews by Robert Scott Bell, listen to Joan Shenton, producer of the new documentary, Positively False: Birth of a Heresy (starting at 4:35).

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“The HIV test is an absolute crime. You can test positive for HIV if you have 67 conditions… TB, syphilis, malaria, invasive mycosis,” says Joan Shenton.

“While you might think there are only a handful of scientists who doubt the HIV/AIDS theory, here at the conference is a list of around 2,500 names – all scientists who challenge the classic definition,” said doctor Uta Santos-Konig.

“We are all scientists and medical doctors, why should we not be able to discuss?” she added. “I am astonished that the reaction is sometimes so aggressive.”

See RethinkingAIDS.com for more.

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