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Wayne WaltonI was interviewed by Wayne Walton, founder of the organic, interest-free mtnHours local currency, on mtnHours Revolution!, August 21, 2012 on the Republic Broadcasting Network, from 4 to 5 PM Eastern.

The archive is currently only available from their site on a subscription basis.

We discussed the following issues:

– The importance of understanding basic principles about the monetary system, including debt, interest, money, currency, private versus public, and recognizing the deliberate misrepresentation and false solutions that are routinely presented
– How various smokescreens like “fiat money” are intentionally used as distractions to divert attention from the real issue of usury.
– The deliberate omission of certain issues by Austrian School devotees, like British counterfeiting of the Continental Dollar, which was a big factor for its rapidly decreasing value
– My article, Walter Williams equates defaulting on your debt to theft
– I predicted that as organic, interest-free currencies gain more support, usurious banking interests will change their strategy from ignoring and deliberately not giving them any attention, to creating their own usury-based local currencies to fool people
– Solutions, including a Debt Jubilee, and the issuance of organic, local, interest-free currencies

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