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Kevin O’Leary, nicknamed “Canada’s Donald Trump,” has announced his run for the Conservative leadership.

He actually had the nerve to announce it the morning after the previous evening’s French language debate, due to the fact that he isn’t fluent enough in French and didn’t want to embarrass himself. What may be a non-issue for most non-French speaking Canadians, as a would-be Prime Ministerial candidate, and therefore the Head of Government, it’s not asking much to be fluent in both official languages.

Pundits and others were repeatedly speculating and asking about whether he would run, and it was looking more to be the case, but in the era of the Web, one can get an indication of these things if you know where to look in relatively obscure corners.

O’Leary was a speaker at the Manning Centre’s “If I Run, Here’s How I’d Do It” talk in February 2016, which I came across during the early Fall.

I’ll save you having to listen to the whole video. The summary is that he said he would be critical of Premier Kathleen Wynne’s economic policies, and that’s what he did with his open letters to her and interviews. Another interesting thing was when he was asked about social policies, and he gave the indication that he had no plan to address them, saying the economic situation was a priority.

Keep an eye out, then, for indications like these, instead of relying on paid pundits who have no real clue.

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Fluorescent and incandescent light bulb

The United States federal government is set to ban the sale of 100-watt incandescent light bulbs by January 1, 2012, while the Canadian federal government has delayed its ban until 2014.

The irony is that the government with no such authority is set to implement a ban before the government that does have such authority.

Another irony is that the U.S. federal government was founded as a limited government with “few and defined” powers, while the Canadian federal government was founded with many and expansive powers.

The implementation delay provides a great opportunity for a leader to step forward to rally Canadians to retain their own decision-making power of how to light their homes, as Howard Brandston discussed on his illuminating appearance on The Sunday Edition on October 2, 2011.

Former B.C. Premier Bill vander Zalm provided decisive leadership in rallying B.C. voters to overwhelmingly reject the imposition of the so-called Harmonized Sales Tax in their province, and Sharon Noble of the Coalition to Stop Smart Meters is leading the effort for British Columbians to retain their choice of hydro meters, which Ontarians have lost, and are paying dearly for it, with a price increase shortly after the October 2011 election.

What mass media commentators won’t tell you — but I will — is that these government-enforced incandescent light bulb bans are part of a global plan to implement Agenda 21. Agenda 21 is the plan for the 21st century of wealth redistribution “within nations and among nations,” as expressed in the Earth Charter, and not about saving the planet from alleged man-made global warming, as veteran Canadian climatologist, Dr. Tim Ball, points out is unproven.

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