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An example of warmongering propaganda against Assad.

While enjoying my Tim Horton’s coffee this morning, I was appalled to see a cartoon in the newspaper depicting Syria’s Assad standing on dead corpses.

I’m sick of the Western mass media warmongering propaganda against Syria’s Assad, and I utterly reject any association with those in Canada who will support, actively or passively, any subsequent military action against Syria.

I’m no friend of Assad; I once heard a Coast to Coast AM guest say how safe it was in Syria, because of the degree of totalitarian police state control exercised by the Assad regime, and the Heritage Foundation ranked Syria as only having the 139th most free economy out of 179 countries in 2012.

However, the Libyan bombing was a wakeup call for me in seeing how the Western mass media conspired with those seeking a clash of civilizations with the Muslim world to propagandize residents of the West into passively accepting their false flag in the name of protecting civilians, while unwittingly supporting the designs of a Greater Israel.

The courageous Jewish, anti-Zionist patriot Stephen Lendman refers to them as the “scoundrel media,” and I fully concur with him.

Scoundrel media, I categorically and utterly reject your naked and shameless warmongering through your cartoons, your unproven and improbable allegations of Assad’s forces killing children, and your childish tabloid coverage of Assad’s wife’s alleged emails showing more concern for shopping than for the plight of the Syrian people.

Where were you before and after 1996 when 500,000 Iraqi children had already been killed and Secretary of State Madeleine Albright said she believed the price of sanctions against Iraq was worth it?

And where, oh corporate whore Western mass media, have you been all this time that Nobel Peace Prize winner President Barack Obama has been presiding over the hundreds of civilian deaths in Pakistan at the hands of drone attacks he continues to authorize?

Previously, I wrote the article, Canada’s appalling participation in the bombing of Libya, and specifically took exception with the late Jack Layton’s support for the mission, despite being the leader of the so-called Opposition and an alleged supporter of human rights, showing that he was either misinformed or a political opportunist, as I have documented previously.

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Question 5 of the Schedule 1 Application for a Temporary Resident Visa Made Outside of Canada states:

5 Membership or association with organizations

Are you, or have you ever been a member or associated with any political party, or other group or organization which has engaged in or advocated violence as a means to achieving a religious or political objective, or which has been associated with criminal activity at any time?

The irony is that Canada itself, through its governments, is associated with an organization that has engaged in violence to achieve a political objective, with the particular examples of NATO’s illegal attack on Yugoslavia in 1999 and on Libya in 2011.

The attack on Yugoslavia took place long before I had a public voice, but I had one when the Libyan bombings took place, and I used it on May 30, 2011 to write, Canada’s appalling participation in the bombing of Libya.

History, it is said, is indeed written by the victors, and hence the selective designation of who isn’t allowed to be in Canada.

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Here is the comment, reproduced in full, before it is automatically removed in a couple weeks, in response to Infowars.com republishing The Daily Bell article, Central Banks Won’t Produce Natural Interest. Notice how they predictably fail to distinguish between public non-BIS-member central banks (Libya’s until the NATO bombing, Syria’s, Iran’s — notice a pattern?) and private central banks.

“Benrod says:
March 30, 2012 at 6:23 am

“The gibberish contained in the above excerpt is only magnified throughout the article.”
The article itself is, in fact, gibberish.
It is written by a person whose job is to write articles for a banking website about bankers and the jargon and gibberish that the bankers use while using the same gibberish to blast the banks, bankers, and banking practices that caused the website (and the author’s job) to exist in the first place, all the while still promoting the perpetuation of the machine that created itself.
Does that mean there is “greenbackerists”?
Extreme greenbackerists?
And the history lesson is completely un-necessary.
“…Knut Wicksell’s ‘natural rate of interest’”. But who was Knut Wicksell and what is the “natural rate of interest” – and does it matter?”
Creating a catchy phrase automatically means that the creator is a financial genius?
Critically analyzing the jargon while using the jargon shows genius, too?
Maybe the interest rates (“natural” or not) would be “better” (perspectively) if so much time and money wasn’t WASTED to have articles like this (and websites like TheDailyBell)…
What a RANT!
My fingers are out of breath…”

I first publicly questioned The Daily Bell on February 10, 2011, with Strange Bedfellows: The Federal Reserve and The Daily Bell.

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Syrian GirlGeorge Whitehurst-Berry interviewed Syrian Girl about things other hosts dare not ask her, on the March 23, 2012 episode of Crash! Are You Ready?

Before you start getting any ideas, guys, they were:

1) About Libya, Syria and Iran having something in common besides being on the same hit-list, and that is their public central banks free from the Bank for International Settlements private banking cartel. That is, what Libya had before the “rebels” established a private central bank before even fending off an attempt to quell their Western banking establishment-funded opposition, as Lord James of Blackheath alluded to on November 1, 2010 when he told his shocked Members of British Parliament (from the official Hansard transcript):

My biggest terrorist client was the IRA and I am pleased to say that I managed to write off more than £1 billion of its money. I have also had extensive connections with north African terrorists, but that was of a far nastier nature, and I do not want to talk about that because it is still a security issue. I hasten to add that it is no good getting the police in, because I shall immediately call the Bank of England as my defence witness, given that it put me in to deal with these problems.”

2) The plan for Eretz Israel — that is, the plan for a Greater Israel from the Nile to the Euphrates, as called for in the Hebrew Bible. Leading neocon warmongers such as Irving Kristol, William Kristol, Charles Krauthammer, Mortimer Zuckerman, David Horowitz, Frank Gaffney, Paul Wolfowitz, Scooter Libby, Pamela Geller, Daniel Pipes, Richard Pearle, David Wurmser, Douglas Feith, Eliot Cohen and Robert Spencer aren’t Arab, Muslim, Russian or Chinese.

Former NATO Supreme Allied Commander, General Wesley Clark, revealed in 2007 how the Bush administration, under the influence of many of these neocon warmongers, were planning to use 9/11 and the U.S. military to take out seven countries in five years (Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Iran).

Note that they are all Muslim-majority countries with public central banks that are not members of the privately-owned and inviolable Bank for International Settlements, unlike Saudi Arabia and the UAE, whose human rights abuses have been conveniently overlooked during this Arab Spring.

Iraq was taken out in 2003 under false pretences, with Rumsfeld saying they “knew” Saddam was hiding WMDs around Tikrit. Southern Sudan has been split up, Libya has been bombed and taken over by global private banking cartel interests, and they are currently talking about arming the opposition in Syria. Israel is talking about their so-called right to a pre-emptive strike on Iran, which, unlike Israel, is a signatory to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, and there is no evidence of them even trying to acquire nuclear weapons, unlike Israel, which reportedly has several hundred nuclear warheads.

Tune in while George Whitehurst-Berry is still able to broadcast a true alternative perspective, such as his Truth in Money Series, where he has read from suppressed books from the 19th and early 20th centuries, which expose the fraudulent Rothschild gold standard, and how the same talking points about “sound money” and “honest money” are still being employed by gold standard proponents today to divert you away from true sound, honest, interest-free, sovereign money by the people and their true representative governments.

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The Anglo-American establishmentIn their interview with James Bovard on September 25, 2011, The Daily Bell asked him about their Anglo-American meme.

Daily Bell: Do you believe there is a kind of power-elite cabal that is trying to set up one world government? We call it the Anglo-American power elite.

James Bovard: Don’t forget the French. They were the ones who dragged NATO into the war in Libya. I hope that whatever Anglo-American power elite exists can be soon exiled to some isolated Colorado mountaintop where they hold gassy conferences in perpetuity that no one attends.

Notice the dismissiveness of Bovard’s response concerning the Anglo-American elite.  Yes, that’s right, Daily Bell — there is more to the New World Order power structure than an Anglo-American elite. Indeed, George W. Bush was actually correct that there was an Iraq War “coalition of the willing” consisting of non-Anglo countries, no matter how relatively puny that contingent was.

For more on The Daily Bell, see my articles Strange bedfellows: The Federal Reserve and The Daily Bell, and The Daily Bell critically examines “The Anglo-American” establishment, yet what about some of their contributors?

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2012 (film)

Lindsey Williams was on Radio Liberty with Dr. Stan Monteith on October 12, 2011, and relayed the following from his “insider” sources:

45:51 – “There will be no conflict in the near future with Iran.

25:44 – “2012 will be the most startling, the most unusual, the most eventful year in 2000 years.

Really? He also talked about getting enough gold and silver to pay your property taxes for the next three to five years (28:16). As if you would be so concerned about that if his prediction of 2012 being such an eventful year actually proves to be true, given that in the past 2000 years there was the fall of the Roman republic, the rise and fall of the Western and Eastern Roman Empires, the emergence of Islam, the conquering of the Americas, the Industrial Revolution, the Nuclear Age, Space Age and Information Age.

35:05 – DVD offer

41:37 – said talk of Planet X is a fear tactic

43:54 – “the elites are three months behind” with Libya, and said Syria’s next

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Four years after his inaugural August 27, 2007 broadcast, George Whitehurst-Berry is still going strong on GCN with his program, “Crash! Are You Ready?”

After only six months, the show rocketed up to second place among online listeners across nearly 40 programs, and has retained that spot four years later, coming very close to being the top-rated show.

From 2008-2010, Berry conducted the most extensive series of interviews exposing the AIDS scam from 2008-2010.

Another highlight is his “Truth in Money” series, which has been the focus of his show all along, in providing alternative economics information that has, in many cases, literally been censored out of existence in the mass media and publications, such as an exposé of the communist gold standard.

Since May 2011, Berry has been providing some of the most extensive coverage of the NATO bankster-led bombing of Libya on his blog at crashareyouready.com.

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