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2012 (film)

Lindsey Williams was on Radio Liberty with Dr. Stan Monteith on October 12, 2011, and relayed the following from his “insider” sources:

45:51 – “There will be no conflict in the near future with Iran.

25:44 – “2012 will be the most startling, the most unusual, the most eventful year in 2000 years.

Really? He also talked about getting enough gold and silver to pay your property taxes for the next three to five years (28:16). As if you would be so concerned about that if his prediction of 2012 being such an eventful year actually proves to be true, given that in the past 2000 years there was the fall of the Roman republic, the rise and fall of the Western and Eastern Roman Empires, the emergence of Islam, the conquering of the Americas, the Industrial Revolution, the Nuclear Age, Space Age and Information Age.

35:05 – DVD offer

41:37 – said talk of Planet X is a fear tactic

43:54 – “the elites are three months behind” with Libya, and said Syria’s next

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In October 2010, Pastor Lindsey Williams shared his insider prediction that the price of crude oil would be headed to between $150 and $200 USD a barrel within four to six months.

Six months later, at 6 PM Eastern Standard Time on May 2, 2011, West Texas Intermediate Crude is trading at $113.52 USD a barrel, and Brent Crude at $125.12 a barrel, so that prediction didn’t come true, unlike his prediction that there would be a major event in the Middle East, of which there were plenty, with the likes of the uprisings in Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Bahrain and Syria.

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