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Anthony MigchelsCongratulations to Anthony Migchels, author of realcurrencies.wordpress.com, for his other site, recoveringaustrians.wordpress.com, making it into Commodity HQ’s Top 40 Austrian Economics Blogs.

Anthony has sourced many of my articles at Exposing Faux Capitalism, and it’s good that at least one site critical of Austrian Economics is included in a Top 40 list of Austrian Economics blogs.

I previously interviewed Anthony on my July 23, 2012 episode of my radio show.

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St Malachy. 14115 Fourteen Mile Road, Sterling...Appearing on Radio Liberty with Dr. Stan Monteith on May 3, 2012, Tom Horn, author of Petrus Romanus: The Final Pope is Here, claimed the so-called 11th century prophecy of St. Malachy was 100% accurate.

That’s interesting, considering prophecy scholar, John Hogue, said on Coast to Coast AM in 2005 that it was only over 80% accurate and admitted that the list may have been written by someone else in the 1590s under Malachy’s name, since that’s when the list first surfaced.

If it was indeed written in the 1590s, that would make the list over 66% complete by that time, according to the historical list of Popes. Then, we’re only talking about at least 14 that were accurately predicted since then, out of a total of 28. That is pathetic given how the words are stretched to fit, and given the issue of self-fulfilling prophecy whereby the cardinals had an incentive to chose someone to fit the predictions in order to give an artificial credibility to the papal office. A dead giveaway that the list was concocted in the 1590s is if all the names proved to be 100% accurate from the 11th century to 1590.

I find it bizarre that Protestants like Tom Horn and others take this so-called prophecy so seriously when they claim to not even recognize the authority of the office of the papacy that the list claims to prophesize about.

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