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Wayne WaltonI was interviewed by Wayne Walton, founder of the organic, interest-free mtnHours local currency, on mtnHours Revolution!, August 21, 2012 on the Republic Broadcasting Network, from 4 to 5 PM Eastern.

The archive is currently only available from their site on a subscription basis.

We discussed the following issues:

– The importance of understanding basic principles about the monetary system, including debt, interest, money, currency, private versus public, and recognizing the deliberate misrepresentation and false solutions that are routinely presented
– How various smokescreens like “fiat money” are intentionally used as distractions to divert attention from the real issue of usury.
– The deliberate omission of certain issues by Austrian School devotees, like British counterfeiting of the Continental Dollar, which was a big factor for its rapidly decreasing value
– My article, Walter Williams equates defaulting on your debt to theft
– I predicted that as organic, interest-free currencies gain more support, usurious banking interests will change their strategy from ignoring and deliberately not giving them any attention, to creating their own usury-based local currencies to fool people
– Solutions, including a Debt Jubilee, and the issuance of organic, local, interest-free currencies

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Wayne WaltonWayne Walton, founder of the local, interest-free currency, Mountain Hours, is hosting a weekly program on Republic Broadcasting from 3-5 PM Eastern.

For my articles on Wayne Walton and Mountain Hours, see:

1) A Money Power trap: saying that private money creation is the problem

2) Our current monetary system: “It’s like a dog begging its flea for some of its own blood back

3) Wayne Walton, founder of the interest-free local currency, Mountain Hours, now a regular guest on Crash! Are You Ready?

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Wayne Walton, founder of the interest-free local currency, Mountain Hours, made his weekly Wednesday debut appearance on Crash! Are You Ready?, on March 7, 2012.

He based his currency on Ithaca Hours, which is an interest-free local currency circulating in Ithaca, New York since 1991.

He mentioned that he was inspired by George Whitehurst-Berry’s show, Crash! Are You Ready?, after being a former goldbug.

Not only are these interest-free local currencies sound currencies, but they are also constitutional currencies. For more on why, see my article, Congress’ exclusive power to coin money doesn’t prevent private individuals from coining currency.

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