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Rex MurphyPresident Lyndon Johnson is reported to have said: “if I’ve lost [Walter] Cronkite, I’ve lost Middle America.

In searching for a source, I learned that this quotation is disputed, but when Cronkite publicly turned against the Vietnam war, it signaled a turn in the tide of American public opinion, and Johnson decided not to run for re-election.

In the same way, it came to my mind that if you’ve lost Rex Murphy, you’ve lost most Canadians.

I first considered this with the September 30, 2011 Cross Country Checkup episode, “What are your thoughts on ending the long-gun registry?“, where he reflected the shift in public opinion that, at best, it was a feel-good failure, and its time had come to be scrapped.

I saw it again with the February 18, 2012 episode, “Does the proposed law to allow police easier identification of Internet users go too far?“, where he challenged Public Safety Minister Vic Toews’ rhetoric that you’re either with us or you’re with the pedophiles if you don’t support Bill-C30 to create a database of names, IP addresses and other information of every internet user that police can search without a warrant.

While private, corporate-controlled C-SPAN Washington Journal hosts keep their personal political views to themselves — under the guise of providing a non-partisan platform for callers to air their views — Rex Murphy, to his credit, lets his personal political views show when they reflect the overwhelming sentiment of Canadians on particular issues.

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