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Exposing Faux Capitalism with Jason Erb, April 12, 2014 on Truth Frequency Radio audio here:

Action-packed, energetic show! Bitcoin, Libertarian interview, Lyndon LaRouche’s disinfo, “Multicultural Madness,” Andy Gause on Karen Hudes’ gold claims, Lew Rockwell tones down an-cap rhetoric, his phony anti-state slogan, and paying taxes under protest of duress.

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Lyndon LaRouche is a very insidious Zionist disinformation agent, constantly talking about a British conspiracy, saying Britain is controlling Obama.

Here’s what Dr. Stan Monteith, an avowed Christian Zionist, with sincere (albeit misguided) Zionist beliefs said, that LaRouche is part of the controlled opposition.

He keeps saying Obama needs to be impeached, or else WWIII is coming, acting as if it matters much who the figurehead is when it’s the same people behind the scenes running things, and Joe Biden would become the next President anyway.

Here’s a summary I made of some of his disinfo on the March 26, 2014 episode of the Jeff Rense Show. It’s only entertaining when you realize it as being disinfo.

8m – Claims Cheney covered up 9/11 that Saudis did with British backing
20m – Said European Union is a colony of the British Empire
28m – Said the only thing stopping Obama going to thermonuclear war are generals around him
29m – Rense asked about Biden taking over, but LaRouche said forget about him, it goes beyond personality
31m – Says the British Empire is the new Roman Empire – says it was designated so when we (U.S.) went to war against them
32m – Said it’s a fact that most U.S. presidents were agents of the British Empire
33m – Said President Wilson was a wild Ku Klux Klaner
34m – Said FDR was a good president
38m – Said we can defeat long period of death of civilization if we pass Glass-Steagall and have a thermonuclear fusion project

So they were dancing Saudis and British and not Dancing Israelis on 9/11? And Michael Chertoff and others are actually dual citizens of the U.S. and Saudi Arabia?

His claim that the European Union is a British colony is so laughable when you consider that Britain’s application to the European Community was vetoed twice by DeGaulle and Britain is one of the most, if not the most, Euroskeptic nation in the EU, and they aren’t even part of the Euro, plus they have common law unlike the civil code in continental Europe.

His claim that the British Empire is the new Roman Empire is so laughable when you consider the subservient role Churchill took to FDR during WWII, and that the U.S. had the world’s largest share of GDP at the time, as China and India did at the start of the 1700s. The UK Pound lost its world reserve currency status after WWII, they lost control of so many colonies, they were told to get out of the Suez Canal.

For more on LaRouche’s past appearances, see my articles:

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Webster TarpleyDespite Alex Jones getting very upset at Webster Tarpley for his criticism of Ron Paul’s campaign and economic policies during Bilderberg 2012, he’s invited him back on twice in the one month since then.

The prisonplanet.tv archives show Tarpley was subsequently interviewed on June 11 and June 29.

So much for not wanting to give Tarpley any more credibility.

On the June 7, 2012 episode of Radio Liberty with Dr. Stan Monteith, even before these two interviews, Joel Skousen said (at 8:39):

Of course, you know, you have to wonder what a person like Tarpley, spouting out all these government programs, is doing on conservative talk radio.

He later said (at 9:17):

I’m hoping, you know, that Alex will wake up and stop interviewing this guy.

To which Dr. Stan Monteith responded with:

If you notice, he is never on my programs, and I don’t mean that derogatorily towards Alex at all, but I have never trusted [Webster] Tarpley. I interviewed him one time, and that was all I needed.

We’ll be back in a just a moment here with Joel Skousen. And I would simply say be very wary of anything this gentleman — I’m speaking of Webster Tarpley — says. He’s a LaRouche follower, and Lyndon LaRouche was so far to the left, he even embarrassed the communists.

Speaking of Lyndon LaRouche, the prisonplanet.tv archives show he’s been invited on eight times since 2011.

For more on him, see my articles:

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08/21/11: More monetary misinformation from Lyndon LaRouche on the Alex Jones Show

04/09/11: Lyndon LaRouche jumps off the deep end on Alex Jones

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Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Dr. Stan Monteith spoke in unequivocal terms in response to a caller’s question about what he thought of Lyndon LaRouche’s statements about President Obama being a dictator, on the October 26, 2011 episode of Radio Liberty (starting at 46:39):

I think Lyndon LaRouche — somebody’s putting up a lot of money for Lyndon LaRouche. At one time, he was actually for the Communists. In fact, he tried to get the — if you read my book, AIDS: The Unnecessary Epidemic, we go into the background of LaRouche, the part he played in the AIDS epidemic, and of course, betraying the American people.

But Lyndon LaRouche, actually, was so radical, that the communists wouldn’t even join with him. Much of what he says is absolutely true. Many of the things, that his historical facts are absolutely true. I would ask you: who puts up the money for Lyndon LaRouche?

He is, I believe, part of the controlled opposition. He says almost everything that’s true, but, but not everything. I would suggest that you read what he has to say, but take everything with three grains of salt.

I also have my doubts about Lyndon LaRouche. For more on him, see my articles:
August 21, 2011: More monetary misinformation from Lyndon LaRouche on The Alex Jones Show
April 9, 2011: Lyndon LaRouche jumps off the deep end on Alex Jones

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Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

When Lyndon LaRouche made his second appearance on The Alex Jones Show on June 30, 2011, he made a bogus claim about America’s monetary system.

At around 42 minutes into the second hour GCN archive, he claimed that Alexander Hamilton set up a system of national credit in the U.S., and not a monetary system, like in the UK.

However, it was Hamilton who lobbied for a privately owned central bank modeled after the private Bank of England, and it is the Constitution that says that Congress alone has the power to coin money, and that states can only make gold and silver legal tender in payment for debts.

I covered LaRouche’s first interview on the Alex Jones Show in my April 9, 2011 article, Lyndon LaRouche jumps off the deep end on Alex Jones.

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Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

I listened to Lyndon LaRouche’s first interview on Alex Jones’ show this past Thursday, and have the following observations:

He kept playing up the British as the bad guys in the world, which is laughable, considering it’s a globalist threat.

He referred to his alleged predictions of increases in earthquakes, presumably to convince people he’s either an astute prognosticator or some sort of prophet.

He said Americans need to get rid of Obama, since nothing good will come from his presidency, yet failed to mention that the same group of globalists who put Obama into the White House also control the Republicans.

He said Obama could be removed from office from the 4th section of the 25th amendment, but a reading of it clearly shows it requires the written consent of the Vice-President, who is Joe Biden, and obviously wouldn’t sign such a thing, so he’s leading people on.

He rightly, in my opinion, called for the re-institution of Glass-Steagall, yet mixed it up with talk about the earthquakes, which he says are being caused by a galactic cycle, which if true, is obviously beyond the influence of such a measure.

Now I know what Stephen Zarlenga, founder of The American Monetary Institute, was talking about in one of his interviews when he said that LaRouche supporters jump off the deep end with some of their proposed solutions. In this case, I think LaRouche did multiple Olympic gold medal winning jumps off the deep end throughout most of his interview.

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