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Frances NewtonFrances Newton, financial forecaster and founder of Frances Insights, is scheduled to be on Exposing Faux Capitalism with Jason Erb on December 30, 2012.

Frances was a weekly guest on George Whitehurst-Berry‘s Crash! Are You Ready? program and has appeared on several TV programs, including Lou Dobbs and Fox Business News, and I am pleased to have her on my show to get her latest insights into the financial markets.

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English: Ticker board of Tokyo stock exchange

On the January 21, 2012 episode of Erskine Overnight, Bob Chapman, The International Forecaster, said (at 38:42):

You need to have regulated markets, or they’re no good.

And he’s not talking about self-regulation — he’s talking about government regulation.

Despite that, groups like the Mises Institute — which hates government so much, they’re a government-sanctioned and regulated tax-exempt organization, and hates monetary inflation so much, they owned $4 million in U.S. Treasury Bonds in 2007 — and The Daily Bell, whose founder “continues to advise and consult to large international banks” —¬†continue to tell us there is no need for government regulation of markets.

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