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The Daily BellAfter their Alexa.com ranking tanked, the gold bug site the Daily Bell shot the messenger in calling Alexa’s ranking system an “elite methodology.”

Well, look who’s adopted an “elite methodology” now. As of November 8, 2012, none other than the Daily Bell, itself, has adopted one, by installing Alexa’s paid service, “CERTIFIED PRO,” on their servers.

This from the same site that claimed it had received 17 million monthly page views, without providing any evidence whatsoever for such a bold claim, considering other sites with far higher rankings report that amount of traffic in an entire year.

For how much longer will the majority of those in the alternative research community who frequent that site continue to let such claims and contradictions go unchallenged? Is it just entertainment for most people?

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The Daily Bell, a gold bug site, has now officially sunk into inefficient obscurity, just as I had foreseen, with a 3-month Alexa.com rating below 100,000 as of July 15, 2012.

For comparison, thecomingdepression.blogspot.com was able to achieve a ranking similar to the Daily Bell’s simply by re-posting two to three articles a day from other sites.

My site, fauxcapitalist.com, is ranked lower than theirs — currently in the 700,000 range — but my site is a part-time, unpaid operation by myself, compared to the Daily Bell with nearly half a dozen or more “elves,” and their secret and not-so-secret financing.

The Daily Bell regularly takes exception with mainstream memes, yet they are guilty of the fallacy of shooting the messenger in criticizing Alexa.com once their readership numbers started tanking to embarrassingly low numbers given how much time and money is pumped into the operation.

Their performance is particularly pathetic when you consider their business deals with Lew Rockwell and Alex Jones in regularly featuring their content.

For more on the Daily Bell, see my articles here.

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