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English: David Icke, English writer and public...Coast to Coast AM’s archives show that David Icke has been a guest 12 times since April 30, 2003.

As I documented before, a search for Zionism on Coast to Coast AM’s site, with archives going all the way back to 1997, turns up no articles.

In my article, What do Michael Rivero, Jeff Rense and Stephen Lendman have in common?, I showed how they are prominent critics of Zionism and have never appeared on Coast to Coast AM.

For me, the fact that David Icke has been repeatedly invited onto Coast to Coast AM despite being anti-Zionist, is proof that his talk of reptilians discredits his overall message, given the zeal of the Coast to Coast AM handlers who have kept all discussion of Zionism off the airwaves and the site going all the way back to 1997.

Some prominent alternative media figures have questioned David Icke’s sincerity, which I covered in my article, Erskine of Erskine Overnight questions whether David Icke is controlled opposition.

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Since September 2012, Stephen Lendman’s Progressive Radio News Hour Thursday show now airs every Friday from 11 to 11:30 AM Eastern.

Recently, I wrote the article, What do Michael Rivero, Jeff Rense and Stephen Lendman have in common?, about all three of them being kept off of Coast to Coast AM. Find out why.

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Coast to Coast AMWhat do Michael Rivero, Jeff Rense and Stephen Lendman have in common? They’re all prominent, staunchly anti-Zionist radio talk show hosts who have been kept off of Coast to Coast AM, “America’s most-listened-to [pro-Zionist] late night talk show.”

Is Alex Jones really such a compelling guest to be invited on 66 times from March 11, 2004 to August 24, 2012, and Rivero, Rense and Lendman, zero times?

For more on Coast to Coast AM, see my article, Coast to Coast AM smears Islam, stays silent on Zionism.

For more on Stephen Lendman, see my article, A glaring omission: Stephen Lendman never invited onto Coast to Coast AM or the Alex Jones Show.

For more on Alex Jones, see my article, Still don’t think Alex Jones is gatekeeping for the Zionists?

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English: Mark Dice head shotAlex Jones has alienated many in the alternative research community, as evidenced by his fallouts with Jack Blood, Jeff Rense, Michael Rivero, Ted Pike, Catherine Bleish, Texe Marrs, Dr. Len Horowitz and Dr. Rebecca Carley.

Now add Mark Dice to the list. Here are some highlights from his public statement (emphasis mine):

That was April of 2011, and after six years of being a regular on the show every few months, all of a sudden I stopped getting asked to come on, and he stopped stocking my books after our misunderstanding, which we supposedly got through, but apparently he still decided he was done with me. That’s the gist of it.

In my opinion he has to do everything he can to increase his web hits and increase ad revenue because he has so much overhead since the infowars studios grew so big with such a large facility. He’s a conspiracy shock jock entertainer basically, that’s why “everything” is a conspiracy and he doesn’t debunk anything because that’s not fun and exciting radio like talking about how a Swat Team is going to come to your house at any moment to confiscate your guns.

For more on Alex Jones, see my articles:

1) If Alex Jones is such a threat to the NWO, why is he so sure “I’ll be here in 20 years”?

2) Alex Jones to Gary Franchi: If you ever backbite me, I’ll squish you like a bug and you’ll be dead in this movement

3) George Whitehurst-Berry uncovers some interesting information on Alex Jones

4) Why Dr. Rebecca Carley won’t be back on the Alex Jones Show

5) A glaring omission: Stephen Lendman never invited onto Coast to Coast AM or the Alex Jones Show

6) Alex Jones’ childish behaviour when Webster Tarpley criticized Ron Paul at Bilderberg 2012

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English: Alex Jones outside Bilderberg meeting...Alex Jones, who has been used to getting what he wants when it comes to the GCN network, has lost his lock on the GCN time slots while his show airs, with the Common Sense Club now taking up the third of four GCN channels during the three hours that his show runs, according to the latest schedule as of August 3, 2012.

This is significant in that some big name fellow GCN hosts who ran afoul of Alex Jones paid the price in terms of losing their show (Jeff Rense and Michael Rivero) and that any change to his former GCN hegemony is noteworthy.

While other hosts have to pay in the neighbourhood of $2000 or more a month for one hour a day, five days a week of airtime, Jones once revealed that Ted Anderson was sending him a cheque for around the same amount, each month.

While I know of two hosts who eventually didn’t have to pay anything to stay on the air, Jones is the exception, in actually being paid money. George Whitehurst-Berry’s show reached up to the second-highest position among online listeners of all shows on the network, getting up to at least 90% of Alex Jones’ live online GCN listenership at one point, in the hour before Jones’ show, only to be suspiciously cancelled in April 2012 after four and a half years.

This latest development lends more confirmation to my contention that the cancellation of George Whitehurst-Berry’s show was not primarily a business decision, if at all, since the previously unassailable precious three hours of time is more valuable than the hour before them in which Berry’s show ran.

For more on Alex Jones, see my articles here.

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Gary North

First they ignore you, then they attack you, then you win.

I first emailed Gary North on July 25, 2010, for clarification of his May 28, 2008 claim that gold and silver coins produced by the U.S. Mint aren’t real money, despite being legal tender. I received no response.

Then, I started noticing other questionable claims that he made, which can be found here.

I sent a few other emails, all with no response.

Then, Michael Rivero’s WhatReallyHappened.com picked up two of my articles about North’s outlandish claims.

It was only when Max Keiser picked up my article on Gary North’s fool’s gold standard that North responded to me, by bragging about writing over 900 articles for LewRockwell.com.

Yesterday, I had the fortunate opportunity of guest hosting George Whitehurst-Berry’s Crash! Are You Ready?, and starting at 14:15, I covered Gary North’s fool’s gold standard, as well as his compatriot’s misleading testimony to Congress, about the Fed creating boom and bust cycles solely as a result of its increase in the money supply, saying nothing about the subsequent contraction of it through an increase in capital requirements and the fractional reserve gold standard.

It’s funny, isn’t it, how my emails to him suddenly gained more credence once I got coverage of his statements out to ever-wider audiences.

North responded yesterday to my notification of quickly catching up to his audience by informing me that he was placing me in his “Nut Job files” and would block all further emails from me.

Until others call him out by email and other forums on his outlandish claims, he’ll continue spouting them.

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