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Alan WattFrom the transcript of his May 26, 2006 interview on the Richard Syrett Show, Alan Watt said:

Alan: I don’t know what other shows you normally do. It will depend if you mix it up with the New Age, because what I’ve found is that when you’re trying to tell people what’s really happening you’re in a circus of the New Age. One of the shows I was on, in fact, two days after me they had a guy, I kid you not, he sold helmets that would guarantee you were not abducted by aliens. You’re sort of put into that category where nothing is real anymore, so it’s diffused.

Alan: I don’t know how heavily you go into it because some of them – well, quite some of the big ones, in fact, is primarily all New Age. Once in a while they’ll get a guy like me on, and I’m just one little voice in the wilderness amongst all of the channelers and space aliens, et cetera, so it becomes bizarre.

Richard: One discredits the other.

Alan: Yes it does. Because all you’re trying to do is tell them what’s really going on in the world. Now I’m not saying there’s not things beyond all of this, but I know the purpose of the whole New Age. I’ve studied that closely from its beginnings when they said they would push it, and they certainly did push it, and now it’s everywhere. It’s a new type of religion for a new type of society and even Gorbachev remarked on it in his book “Towards a New Beginning.” He said that “I am an atheist, he said, but I am helping to create a new world religion which is based on earth worship.”

Alan Watt has made a single appearance on Coast to Coast AM, on April 10, 2006.

We see, at least, that four days after Watt’s interview, Coast to Coast AM made note of this caller:

Derrick from Boston revealed that an alien had once called the police from his apartment. He believes the alien placed an implant in his arm, which now travels around in his body.

Erskine of Erskine Overnight has discussed this phenomenon with regard to Coast to Coast AM and David Icke.

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