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Oracle BroadcastingMind Over Matrix Radio with Kyle John, every Sunday from 5 to 7 PM Eastern

Practicap Radio with Nathan Dedmore, every Sunday from 7 to 9 PM Eastern

Sedona Dreams with George Whitehurst-Berry, every Sunday from 9 to 11 PM Eastern

Kyle John: “Kyle John is a street philosopher and author of the Mind Over Matrix blog. He has a self published book under his belt and has brought a uniquely Canadian voice to the alternative media through his podcasts for a number of years. Mind Over Matrix Radio will cover a wide range of important topics from natural medicine, media criticism, eugenics, transhumanism and psychology just to name a few. Kyle has appeared as a guest host for Dennis Fetcho on “Inside the Eye Live!””

Nathan Dedmore:
“The opportunity:
– To be connected with your food source
– To be connected with your energy source
– To be connected to your Creator, whomever or whatever you perceive that to be………
– To be liberated
– To be happy being a steward of this Earth”

George Whitehurst-Berry: “Welcome to SEDONA DREAMS — your source for pioneering studies in Reverse Speech. The author of the following articles is a student of the legendary discoverer and developer of Reverse Speech theory, David John Oates.”

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