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Stefan Molyneux

English: Stefan Molyneux speaking at Drexel University. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Stefan Molyneux, philosopher and host of Free Domain Radio, was interviewed by Jan Irvin, host of Gnostic Media, and the interview was posted on March 31, 2012.

Starting at 57 minutes in, they get into what becomes a heated discussion on gold as currency.

Molyneux states at the top that his definition of fiat currency is “a monopoly currency backed by nothing.”

Molyneux’s body language changes dramatically as the discussion progresses, and that was as interesting to me as any words that were said, as Irvin passionately interrupted him many times.

Molyneux was focused on gold only being an issue when there is a government monopoly over it, while Irvin was concerned with the historical manipulation of gold by banksters, and how they can subvert free choice in the marketplace, specifically using gold.

Irvin mentions the late David Astle’s book, The Babylonian Woe, and recounts information that I had heard from George Whitehurst-Berry earlier this year, which is how the Spartans specifically used non-commodity money, and were prosperous until their money was subverted, specifically with gold.

I plan to say more about this revealing interview later, but for now, check it out for yourself.

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Stefan Molyneux does hate the state, and Walter Block of the Mises Institute, doesn’t.

The most free societies sow the seeds of their own destruction?

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Some typical alcoholic beverages.

New Hampshire is considered the “Free State” for many reasons, including no state income or sales tax.

However, it controls the distribution of wine and hard liquor through its state-owned monopoly.

From the New Hampshire Liquor Commission:

The New Hampshire State Liquor Commission regulates the sale of alcohol in the state of New Hampshire. New Hampshire is one of 18 control states in the nation where the government directly controls the distribution of alcoholic beverages as well as being responsible for the regulation of alcoholic beverages. The Commission is an important source of revenue for the state, contributing over 100 million dollars to the General Fund each year.

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Here’s my comment on an article about Apple CEO Steve Jobs saying that Google’s “don’t be evil” slogan was rubbish:

Most slogans aren’t serious. Like Ford’s “Quality is Job One,” despite making the faulty Pinto, and deciding it was cheapter to settle lawsuits than recall it. Or Microsoft’s, “Where Do You Want to Go Today?”, which is a rhetorical question, since they give you whatever they want to, since they have a monopoly.

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