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Coast to Coast AMWith the October 2013 appearance of another peaceful anarchist/voluntaryist on Red Ice Radio, I decided to compile a list of all their appearances on Red Ice Radio, and draw attention to the fact that they are all banned from Zionist-controlled Coast to Coast AM, according to the former host, Ian Punnett.

October 2013
Marc Stevens – Hour 1 – Government Violence & The Stockholm Syndrome

August 2013
Nathan Fraser – Hour 1 – The Crumbling System of Law & Authority

July 2013
Larken Rose – Hour 1 – Violence of the State & The “Terrorists” Rebellion

June 2013
Walter Block – Hour 1 – Libertarian Philosophy & Anarcho-capitalism

October 2012
Nathan Fraser – Anarchism & Sovereignty

September 2012
Larken Rose – The Government Con

April 2012
Stefan Molyneux – Initiation of Force, Freedom from Illusion & Parenting

For more on who the Zionists are behind Coast to Coast AM, see my article here.

I’ll note that this may change, however, with their cynical attempts to respond to increasing scrutiny of their gatekeeping, by having David John Oates back after being banned nearly 15 years, and having Michael Rivero on not long after I wrote the article about him, Jeff Rense and Stephen Lendman being banned from the show, because of their staunchly anti-Zionist positions.

I also think you have the right to hear from them, being that I aim to provide a truly alternative media platform. You can find my articles with some of them here:

Marc Stevens
Nathan Fraser
Walter Block

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Nathan FraserOn the January 20, 2013 episode of Exposing Faux Capitalism, I interviewed anarchist Nathan Fraser of livefree.fm.

We discussed the lack of consent to be governed through voting, a driver’s license or Social Security Number, the conflict of interest of the government in civil and criminal cases, and other issues.

I was very impressed with Nathan’s presentation, including his response that he wasn’t against all government services — he was only against the provision of them by force. He also challenged the notion that silence equals consent, saying that silence during rape doesn’t equal consent.

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Nathan Fraser, voluntaryist, host of LiveFree.fm, and author of the free e-book, As King: A Simple Guide to Autonomous Living, is scheduled to be on Exposing Faux Capitalism with Jason Erb on January 20, 2013, from 1 to 3 PM Eastern.

I look forward to discussing his transition in thinking from minarchism to anarchism, and his definition of the state, rights, evidence of consent to be governed, and how things could be done in a stateless society.

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