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On the eve of the January 10, 2012 New Hampshire Republican primary, former Bush chief strategist, Matthew Dowd, made an outrageously bogus “prediction” on the Charlie Rose Show. At 4:01, he declared:

I think Huntsman may finish second.

Even Charlie Rose, holder of the Triple Crown of membership in subversive globalist institutions (Bilderberg, Trilateral and Bohemian Grove), expressed shock at Dowd’s “prediction.”

I think Dowd understands human nature very well, and that regardless of what small impact he can have, he knows that people want to vote for a winner, and in casting an anti-Romney vote, the goal of the establishment is to have anyone but Ron Paul fit that bill.

Huntsman ended up coming in behind Ron Paul, as even Charlie Rose dared not imagine otherwise, and, Matthew Dowd — you are the presumptive nominee for the most bogus political prediction of 2012 award.

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Some typical alcoholic beverages.

New Hampshire is considered the “Free State” for many reasons, including no state income or sales tax.

However, it controls the distribution of wine and hard liquor through its state-owned monopoly.

From the New Hampshire Liquor Commission:

The New Hampshire State Liquor Commission regulates the sale of alcohol in the state of New Hampshire. New Hampshire is one of 18 control states in the nation where the government directly controls the distribution of alcoholic beverages as well as being responsible for the regulation of alcoholic beverages. The Commission is an important source of revenue for the state, contributing over 100 million dollars to the General Fund each year.

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U.S. Senator Bob Smith of New HampshireBob Smith, former U.S. Senator from New Hampshire from 1990 to 2003, derided “liberals” during his January 21, 2011 appearance on Radio Liberty with Dr. Stan Monteith.

Yet, he voted for “The Liberal Lion” Ted Kennedy’s No Child Left Behind Act in 2001, as you will see in the Senate’s official roll call vote here.

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On May 1, 2010, Erskine Overnight interviewed the founder of the Free State Project.

Some highlights of the “Free State” New Hampshire were:

  • Ranked the most free state for the third consecutive year.
  • No state income or sales tax, no general corporate state tax or tax on machinery.
  • The lowest per capita government spending of any state.
  • The third-highest household income of any state.
  • The lowest per capita crime rate of any state, and the fewest number of police officers per capita.
  • The governor can’t spend more than $5000 on anything without the authorization of the executive council.
  • Legislators only paid $100 a year and serve two-year terms.
  • Open carry without a license and concealed carry on a “shall issue” basis.
  • No seatbelt or helmet law for adults.

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