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Investigate 9/11Here is a creepy and suspicious 9/11 testimonial by a Swedish victim’s mother. Thanks to Simon Shack’s March 17, 2013 interview on Radio.Abirato for drawing this to my attention:

Normally when you had been at home and returned to New York you left things here and there for me to pick up later. The last time you only left a pair of used socks on the floor. I did not have time to wash them before 9/11. I still have not and I never will. I smell them every day and they smell of you David. I am so afraid that your smell will vanish. I can see the shape of your feet in the socks. There are some tiny spots of dirt on the outside, and inside I can see tiny pieces of skin, which have come from your feet. This is all I have left of you. I do not usually like the smell of used socks, but these mean everything to me. They contain the last scent you left behind.

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Wayne Walton, founder of the interest-free local currency, Mountain Hours, made his weekly Wednesday debut appearance on Crash! Are You Ready?, on March 7, 2012.

He based his currency on Ithaca Hours, which is an interest-free local currency circulating in Ithaca, New York since 1991.

He mentioned that he was inspired by George Whitehurst-Berry’s show, Crash! Are You Ready?, after being a former goldbug.

Not only are these interest-free local currencies sound currencies, but they are also constitutional currencies. For more on why, see my article, Congress’ exclusive power to coin money doesn’t prevent private individuals from coining currency.

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