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On the February 10, 2013 episode of Exposing Faux Capitalism, I covered the following issues, among others:

Hour 1: Donald Fox: “Exposing the Nuclear Truth of 9/11″ [and other completely unrelated things],” Gary North demonstrates the principle of “publish or perish” and other articles. Hour 2: Jan Helfeld on wealth redistribution and taxes not voluntary.

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From his blog, donaldfox.wordpress.com, which is entitled, “Exposing the Nuclear Truth of 9/11,” we see some interesting articles having nothing to do with what the site purports to present.

From January 1, 2013, he wrote the post, Saturday Night Special: Vikings vs. Packers NFC Wild Card Game, where he informs his readers about all the important details of a particular NFL game, and nothing about the critical matter of 9/11.

Then, from December 25, 2012, he wrote the post, Windows 8 and Office 2013 First Impressions, again, with nothing about the critical matter of 9/11.

If that wasn’t confusing enough for his readers, his December 18, 2012 post, PIDcast with Clare Kuehn, we have Fox giving credence to a theory that the real Paul McCartney died in 1966 and was replaced by a look-alike.

If these posts weren’t questionable enough, there is the October 29, 2012 Veterans Today article by Don Fox, along with Clare Kuehn, Jeff Prager and four others. Veterans Today is the publication that editor Gordon Duff says is about 30% “patently false.”

I wrote about how this article is inflammatory and unscientific, by engaging in character assassination against alternative 9/11 theoritsts, Dr. Judy Wood and Dr. Steven E. Jones.

Then, we have Jeff Prager insisting that Adam Lanza was a lone gunman who carried out the Sandy Hook shootings, despite strong evidence for multiple shooters, as I have previously written about.

We are now starting to see a pattern of behaviour from three of this crew, in engaging in unusual and questionable activity, which makes me wonder what their true motivations are.

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Jerome HauerJerome Hauer, the man billed as a counter-terrorism expert on 9/11, who provided a self-assured explanation that planes alone were capable of bringing down the two World Trade Towersthe professional opinions of 1700+ architects and engineers notwithstanding — studied for a PhD for a “Medical Response to Acts of Nuclear Terrorism” at Cranfield University from 2007-2011, according to his LinkedIn account as of August 20, 2012.

Will Hauer be putting his PhD to practical use?

If so, based on what didn’t happen on 9/11, we should be asking very basic questions about him and his impeccable foresight the next time around, given his track record of warning the Bush administration to go on Cipro before the 2001 anthrax attacks, and of claiming to know so much about civil engineering and bin Laden’s capabilities even before bin Laden became a household name.

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On April 3, 2011, I wrote the article, Who is behind enenews.com?, in which I wrote:

Who is behind enenews.com, the site known as Energy News, which, for the time being, has been focusing solely on the fallout of the Japanese nuclear disaster?

The short answer is, we don’t know.

It later came out that it is run by an anonymous, self-described lawyer with a penchant for posting hyped and fear-based articles about nuclear power.

As I commented on June 22, 2011:

Enenews.com keeps putting out the scary headlines, but what they’re not going to do is get into the unnecessary reasons for the disaster in the first place.

If nuclear power wasn’t so heavily subsidized, if the government got out of building nuclear plants and if the private sector could get insurance to build them and the consent of neighbouring property owners who would be most affected, then go ahead with building more nuclear plants.

But no, it’s about putting out the fear.

Sadly, as of August 15, 2012, according to Alexa.com, the site is more popular than ever, and predictably, its author still isn’t advocating any solutions.

My proposal for immediate redress of the current situation concerning nuclear power — which the most rabid anti-nuclear activists and the most laissez-faire free market advocates should find common ground in supporting — is this:

  • Eliminate all government funding for nuclear power research
  • Eliminate all government funding for the operation and insurance of nuclear plants
  • Sell all government-owned nuclear plants to the private sector, or close those that aren’t sold
  • Require the consent of local property owners for the continued or new operation of nearby nuclear power plants

It may be that the implementation of these proposals eventually results in the end of nuclear power as we know it, and I think that could prove to be the case, but the longer time goes without any well-known, so-called “green” organizations advocating such proposals, the more I question their commitment to their espoused principles.

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In the weeks before Steve Pieczenik came out against Israel on Alex Jones’ show on October 18, 2011 (starting 37 minutes in), I noticed a rather obvious editorial shift on Infowars.com regarding Israel.

I have seen several articles that simply wouldn’t have appeared even at the beginning of 2011 with the frequency they have since the latter half of 2011.

There was this one on January 18, 2012:

Israel slammed over growing racism – January 18th, 2012
Press TV | Hundreds of thousands of Ehiopian Jews and others comdemn racism policies in Israel

Then, three articles on January 21, 2012, alone:

Israeli Lobby launch new Super PAC effort to bring down Ron Paul
Pressure Israel, Not Iran. Israel has an Arsenal of 200-300 Nuclear Weapons
EU ‘should block finance for Israeli settlements’

A search for “Israel” and “2010” came up with 4090 results, while for “2011,” it came up with 12,500, and for just the first three weeks of January, 2780.

Some may say that this all has a different explanation, and that it’s the result of more articles on all topics being written since 2011, and that it’s directly related to intensified chatter about an Israeli attack on Iran, but there has been such chatter in the alternative media ever since Iraq was targeted as the first of Bush’s “Axis of Evil,” and had it not been for all 16 U.S. intelligence agencies saying in 2007 that Iran had no active nuclear weapons program since 2003.

It’s not that Infowars didn’t have any articles before the second half of 2011 that portrayed Israel in a less than 100% positive light, but it’s the sheer volume and content of the articles that have been produced since then that I think show a clear editorial shift.

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Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, President of Iran

I saw an interesting interview with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad by Triple Crown Charlie (CFR, Bilderberg and Trilateral Commission member) Rose on September 23, 2011.

In it, he said the reason Iran needs so much 20% enriched uranium is to provide special medical isotopes to about 800,000 cancer patients, and that Iran is willing to accept it being provided by other countries, but the U.S. isn’t allowing it.

He also mentioned something I hadn’t heard, about the IAEA apparently going outside the boundaries of its lawful operation, in releasing the names of three Iranian nuclear scientists who were later killed, he says, by Israel.

A trusted correspondent pointed out that Ahmadinejad’s claim about needing 20% enriched uranium to help out 800,000 cancer patients is likely bogus, saying that such isotopes are produced by cyclotrons or nuclear reactors, and not centrifuges.

The IAEA is an American puppet, however, as former UN weapons inspector, Scott Ritter, who was right about no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, told us when he outed another former weapons inspector, Richard Butler, as effectively working as an American spy.

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