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With Oracle Broadcasting terminating its live broadcasting operations as of April 1, 2013, Charles Giuliani’s last Truth Hertz episode was on March 29, and I called in at 8:51.

I talked about only hearing at the beginning of the year, the claim, by a GCN host, that the Torah is still valid today for non-Jews.

From the King James translation of Numbers 15:16:

One law and one manner shall be for you, and for the stranger that sojourneth with you.

But where’s the indication that the law applies to non-Israelites thousands of years later, and outside of the company of Israelites? Then, there is the matter that Israel subsequently became divided into the House of Israel and the House of Judah, and Jeremiah says that Yahweh divorced Israel (Jeremiah 3:8), and Judah was effectively divorced in 70 AD with the destruction of the Second Temple and the eventual expulsion of Jews from Palestine.

Regarding the state of Israel, the host even admits that the Israelis have not been yet reconciled to Yahweh, which is evident on the basis that it has no official religion and that many of its policies and the actions of many of its people are contrary to Yahweh’s covenant in the Torah.

I said that the host was discredited by the fact that he considers the Gospel according to Matthew and the Gospel according to John as being eye-witness testimonials, despite those names not appearing in the text, and only later being ascribed, and the author of Matthew making outrageous claims concerning Old Testament verses constituting prophecy and the story of the adultress in the book of John not appearing in the earliest manuscripts, thereby likely being inserted by later scribes.

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Coast to Coast AMA popular topic of Coast to Coast AM is the Bible, including Bible codes, biblical prophecy, biblical discoveries, and mysteries concerning the Bible.

I have previously documented how Coast to Coast AM is controlled by Zionists, with my articles:

1) Coast to Coast AM site and show descriptions laughably contain no references to Zionism

2) Coast to Coast AM smears Islam, stays silent on Zionism

However, there are two groups within Zionism, and those are the Jewish Zionists and the Christian Zionists.

The Jewish Zionists don’t recognize the authority of the New Testament, while the Christian Zionists do.

A search for the “Old Testament” on their site turns up no negative results, while a search for “New Testament” turns up many negative results, including six on the first page with the keyword “forgeries.”

The authenticity of the New Testament is trashed while the authenticity of the Old Testament is championed with this entry:

The parting of the Red Sea, as described in the Old Testament, might have taken placed as described, according to new computer simulations.

While there are carrots thrown out to Christian Zionists, with the appearances of Christian apologists like Hal Lindsey and Mike Heiser, there is duplicitous double-dealing with Christianity being undermined by shows like these:

“Life of Jesus/Titanic Stories
Sunday, April 8, 2012
Ian Punnett was joined, in the first half, by historian and Bible expert, Bart Ehrman, who discussed the debate over whether or not Jesus existed.”

“New Testament Forgeries
Saturday March 19, 2011
Author and religious studies professor Bart Ehrman argued that many books of the New Testament are forgeries written by people other than the ones to whom they are explicitly attributed. This notion is widely accepted within the field of biblical scholarship, he said.”

“Biblical Contradictions
Saturday March 13, 2010
Biblical expert Bart Ehrman discussed contradictory views about the life of Jesus Christ, and the creation of the Bible.”

“Biblical Contradictions
Saturday April 18, 2009
Ian Punnett was joined by Bible expert and author Bart Ehrman for a discussion on the apparent contradictions found in the New Testament.”

A search on their site for “Moses” turns up no such negative results, despite Moses being the biggest figure of the Bible up until the time of Jesus, showing that a preference for the Old Testament isn’t the only double standard the Zionist handlers at Coast to Coast AM apply to the Bible.

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