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English: Map of the Arabic Peninsula, displayi...Despite the rhetoric of anti-Islam bashers, including those regularly featured by the Zionist controllers of Coast to Coast AM, five Muslim countries are ranked more economically free than Israel in the conservative Heritage Foundation’s 2013 Index of Economic Freedom.

They are (with an index out of 100):

12th Bahrain (75.5)
27th Qatar (71.3)
28th United Arab Emirates (71.1)
33rd Jordan (70.4)
45th Oman (68.1)

Israel is ranked in 51st place with a 66.9/100 index, embarrassingly only slightly ahead of Jamaica, with an index of 66.8.

The excuse may be that they are rich Gulf oil states, but Saudi Arabia is in 82nd place, and Jordan is a notable exception, showing that lots of oil doesn’t equal a high economic freedom rating, nor is it a necessity.

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UNESCO states:

“The World Heritage List includes 911 properties forming part of the cultural and natural heritage which the World Heritage Committee considers as having outstanding universal value.

These include 704 cultural , 180 natural and 27 mixed properties in 151 States Parties.”

That is, until a better deal comes by, as was the case with Oman’s Arabian Oryx Sanctuary, which the Omani government sought removal of its UNESCO designation once oil had been found at the site.

Here we have the precedent of the removal of a World Heritage Site designation, and the accompanying money and status that goes along with it, when its owner decides the property has a better use for something else. In other words, these designations are a subsidy that can eventually be outbid.

Previously, I wrote about the eugenics agenda of UNESCO’s founder, Julian Huxley, and his stated intention: “It [UNESCO] can both on its own account and in close relation with other U.N. agencies such as the F.A.O. and the World Health Organization, promote the international application of science to human welfare.”

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