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On the February 17, 2013 episode of Exposing Faux Capitalism, I covered the following issues, among others:

What Gary Franchi’s Next News Network won’t be covering, Lew Rockwell “banned” this Paul Craig Roberts article, the not-so strange bedfellows of Mises and Marx, the primary purpose of money as a medium of exchange, and Austrian economics no alternative.

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From lewrockwell.com. Released under the GFDL ...Lew Rockwell regularly features Paul Craig Roberts’ commentary — so long as it fits his anti-state narrative. When it doesn’t, despite being meritorious, it doesn’t get included for very transparent reasons.

No surprise, then, that we don’t find this February 14, 2013 Paul Craig Roberts article, While Left and Right Fights — Power Wins, published by LewRockwell.com in the intervening days.

Here is the reason why Rockwell didn’t include it, since Roberts correctly identifies the fundamental problem being the concentration of power — not its location:

The right is correct that government power is the problem, and the left is correct that private power is the problem. Therefore, whether power is located within the government or private sectors cannot reduce, constrain, or minimize power.

Previously, I wrote the article, Did Lew Rockwell and the Daily Bell influence Michael Snyder to abandon his call for nationalizing the Federal Reserve?

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From the November 27, 2012 episode of Inside the Eye Live! with Dennis Fetcho, who is an American citizen living in Amman, Jordan (at 1:34:34), he had this to say about Alex Jones:

He came out with his opinion and his views upon Israel, and, you know, I’m really tempted to just take that thing apart, because I’ve really have not heard the amount of ignorance coming out of somebody regarding the Middle East as I heard from Alex Jones. It was absolutely ignorant. It was mind-bogglingly numbing to the point where you could see he was mouthing Israeli talking points, but he was trying to be shrewd and coy about it. So I’m really thinking of taking that — it’s about an 8-minute segment — and really tearing it apart on Saturday, because it was really pathetic. To those of us who are part of the Middle East, we live in the Middle East, who understand the Middle East, and to hear Jones get up on that huge pedestal that he has, and literally just lie to his audience, deceive his audience — it was really quite an impressive display of delusion.

For more on Alex Jones’ pro-Zionist sympathies, see my articles:

1) Alex Jones runs cover for Zionists in response to Paul Craig Roberts’ disdain for Romney’s grovelling to Israel and Netanyahu

2) Still don’t think Alex Jones is gatekeeping for the Zionists?

3) Why Dr. Rebecca Carley won’t be back on the Alex Jones Show

4) A glaring omission: Stephen Lendman never invited onto Coast to Coast AM or the Alex Jones Show

5) An absolutely damning clip of Alex Jones on Zionist Jews versus Mexicans

6) Keith Johnson still listed as an Infowars.com writer despite blasting them on March 1, 2012

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On the 2012 presidential election night broadcast of Infowars, Alex Jones interviewed Paul Craig Roberts.

Starting at 2:20, Paul Craig Roberts started to make a serious point about Romney’s overt Zionist grovelling:

Paul Craig Roberts: If you look at the two of them, the only other difference is that Romney has already been to Israel, crawling on his belly, grovelling. And supposedly we’re a super power, but here is a man who wants to be president, and he’s crawling on his belly in the ground, kissing Netanyahu’s feet. Well at least Obama had more dignity than to do that.

Alex Jones: He only bows to the Saudi king. Perhaps Romney should publicly kiss Netanyahu’s butt, and then, and then, then he can be elected. Maybe that’s the new swearing in — it’s not a Bible — but Netanyahu bends over, and then, I’m sorry, you shouldn’t have got me going there.

Alex, you’re not even trying to hide your Zionist sympathies these days in diverting attention away from Roberts’ serious point by making a joke. In case you think this was just an innocent joke, here is the picture on the Infowars site the day after, with Obama dressed like Hitler, which resonates very well with his Zionist promoters.

For more, see my articles:

1) Still don’t think Alex Jones is gatekeeping for the Zionists?

2) Still don’t think Zionists run America?

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David Ricardo Fran├žais : David Ricardo Deutsch...Ralph E. Gomory, former head of research at IBM and President Emeritus of the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, appeared on Electric Politics with George Kenney on April 20, 2012 and seems to have independently discovered what Paul Craig Roberts had publicly presented in 2004, which is that David Ricardo’s theory of comparative advantage no longer applies because it was based on capital not being more mobile than traded goods (starting 26 minutes in).

I discovered Roberts’ findings in 2011 and reported them in my article, Paul Craig Roberts points out a theoretical breakdown of modern-day free trade, which I think could prove to be one of the biggest findings I’ve ever reported on my site, and could end up being Paul Craig Roberts’ greatest contribution to economics once enough economists evaluate the evidence solely based on critical analysis and not their funding.

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Apparently Infowars.com didn’t get the declaration of war by their former writer, Keith Johnson, in still having him listed as a contributor as of April 20, 2012 (emphasis mine).

Contributing Writers
Mike Adams
Eric Blair
Dana Gabriel
Anthony Gucciardi
Keith Johnson
Saman Mohammadi
Paul Craig Roberts
Andrew Steele
Webster Griffin Tarpley
Brandon Turbeville

It’s really quite humorous when you read what he actually wrote, including this opening statement:

“Here is a letter I sent to Alex Jones, Kurt Nimmo and the rest of the Zionist trash over at INFOWARS:

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On September 21, 2011, I guest hosted “Crash! Are You Ready?”, and extensively covered my article, Paul Craig Roberts points out a theoretical breakdown of modern-day free trade, and made an announcement about the upcoming 2011 Rethinking AIDS conference in Washington, D.C. from December 1 to 3, 2011.

In the first segment, I interviewed Jeff Gleason of LPC Survival.

Tune in to George Whitehurst Berry’s, “Crash! Are You Ready?” every Monday to Friday from 11 AM to noon Eastern on the Genesis Communications Network.

For the most extensive series of interviews on the AIDS scam from 2008-2010, see George’s interviews here.

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