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Paul Walter, editor at NewsWithViews.com, was on Radio Liberty with Dr. Stan Monteith to discuss the 1899 book, The Coming Battle, on yesterday’s show.

I quickly checked online, and found this copy.

Searching through it, I see that the author made it clear that a gold standard is a bankster-favoured standard.

The author writes in Chapter 3:

It has become the settled policy of those financiers who so urgently advocate a single standard of gold, to point to the act of June 28, 1834, as the establishment of that system. This has been the gist of the numberless arguments of the gold standard advocates, constantly reiterated in the halls of congress and elsewhere, with a brazen disregard of truth that approaches desperation.

Seizing the opportunity, I called in at the start of the third segment (29:09), and asked the guest what the author had to say about the gold standard. He didn’t directly address my question, when he said:

The only thing that I see, that if we back our currency by gold and silver, it’s good because there’s only so much gold and silver available.

But he later admitted the failure of a gold standard, saying:

But, even if we go to a gold standard, it’s not going to save us, in my opinion. [sic]. No matter what kind of currency you have, what you have, if they manipulate the economy, they control the media, they control the minds of the politicians, and no matter what you have, they’re still gonna be stealing your property, they’re gonna try to silence the internet, they’re gonna try to silence freedom of speech…

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