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Investigate 9/11

I compiled this list in May, 2012, and wanted to write several articles on various aspects of 9/11 after writing What Didn’t Happen on 9/11, but didn’t get the chance, so I am reproducing this list now for others to benefit from.

The “miracle” of the hit on the Pentagon

Claims Flight 77 dove 7000 feet in only 2.5 minutes

Flight instructor said alleged Flight 77 pilot was like Dumb and Dumber, just a month before 9/11.

Former FBI agent who was tracking bin Laden killed on 9/11, two weeks after he became Head of Security at the WTC.

Pentagon security cam from 9/11 shows September 12 instead of September 11.

Supposed lead hijacker, Mohamed Atta shown at Portland airport, not Logan, and the timestamp is different from the middle of the image to the timestamp at the bottom.

Passenger lists don’t add up

FBI Director says hijackers left no paper trail, only to claim years later that they found the list of hijackers in Atta’s supposed bag at Logan airport

In 2002, Mohammed Atta’s father says he’s still alive and in hiding

Atta’s alleged luggage

Claims Atta argued in the airport parking lot, drawing attention to himself

9/11 timeline for comparison

December 26, 2001 Fox report saying bin Laden is reportedly dead

Flights 93 and 175 deregistered 4 years after 9/11

CNN reports the FBI found a hijacker’s unscathed passport just a few blocks away from the WTC!

Reported 9/11 victims list doesn’t list any of the alleged hijackers

Great analysis of the suspicious Todd Beamer Flight 93 phone call

Was the South Tower struck by a military drone?

Was America attacked by Muslims on 9/11?

Analysis of the alleged three flight calls with audio

FAA “draft” memo says a Flight 11 passenger was shot. A passenger allegedly stabbed/shot by hijackers despite sitting next to a former elite Israeli commando

Flight 11 flight attendant call reports 4 hijackers while FBI reports 5, and they reported different seat numbers

Alleged Flight 93 cockpit voice recorder timeline transcript laughably shows the hijackers calling for the pilot to be brought back, while another timeline claims the pilot has already been stabbed

FBI agent warned the FBI about the alleged 20th hijacker more than 70 times before 9/11!

Flight 93 flight attendant call audio shows possible coaching

Analysis of the suspicious Ceecee Lyles Flight 93 flight attendant call

Flight 93 passenger report

The suspicious Amy Sweeney Flight 11 flight attendant call

Plane footage analysis

Lead hijacker’s alleged voice. He’s Egyptian but voice sounds Caribbean

Flight 93 call records, shows 35 airphone calls, 2 cell calls, with some calls lasting after the plane allegedly crashed

Analysis of the alleged 9/11 flight calls

Excerpts from the book, The New Pearl Harbor

Flight 11, reexamined

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September 11, 2001 attacks in New York City: V...

My thanks go to the producers of Loose Change for waking me up in 2006 to the fact that there is much to be questioned concerning the official story of 9/11.

Credit also goes to Erskine of Erskine Overnight for arranging a tenth anniversary special interview with Rudi Dekkers, the Huffman Aviation flight school owner where two of the alleged 9/11 hijackers had trained, and for the bombshell revelations he provided, and I reported on.

Particular thanks also goes to Charles Giuliani of Truth Hertz for his comprehensive and compelling analysis of 9/11 in his 2010 archives that I have pored over in the past two weeks.

The focus of my blog is primarily economic, financial and political. 9/11 involved all those aspects, but many still aren’t willing to seriously question what really happened on 9/11.

I am therefore going public as to what I have concluded beyond a reasonable doubt in my mind as to what didn’t happen on 9/11 (in no particular order).

1) Flight 77 did not hit the Pentagon.
2) The North and South Towers did not collapse solely due to plane impacts and resulting fires.
3) The WTC7 building did not collapse solely due to damage from neighbouring buildings and resulting fires.
4) Mark Bingham did not call his mother from Flight 93 and use his first and last name and ask whether she believed him.
5) Hani Hanjour did not perform the flight manoeuvres the official story says he did.
6) The passport found several blocks away from the WTC complex purportedly belonging to a hijacker did not fly out of the plane upon impact and land unscathed when nearly everything else from the towers was destroyed.
7) The voice purported to be of Mohammed Atta from the purported cockpit voice recorder of Flight 11 is not Atta’s voice, provided that Rudi Dekkers is telling the truth.

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