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Jerome HauerJerome Hauer, the man billed as a counter-terrorism expert on 9/11, who provided a self-assured explanation that planes alone were capable of bringing down the two World Trade Towersthe professional opinions of 1700+ architects and engineers notwithstanding — studied for a PhD for a “Medical Response to Acts of Nuclear Terrorism” at Cranfield University from 2007-2011, according to his LinkedIn account as of August 20, 2012.

Will Hauer be putting his PhD to practical use?

If so, based on what didn’t happen on 9/11, we should be asking very basic questions about him and his impeccable foresight the next time around, given his track record of warning the Bush administration to go on Cipro before the 2001 anthrax attacks, and of claiming to know so much about civil engineering and bin Laden’s capabilities even before bin Laden became a household name.

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Coast to Coast AM

After four years of unanswered private communications and almost zero coverage of the $300 billion AIDS scam by Coast to Coast AM, it is now time to fire the opening salvo of my public appeal to host, George Noory.

Here was my email to him on September 15, 2011 (links added):


Your guest last night had things to say about the medical establishment’s appalling handling of Lyme Disease that are eerily parallel to HIV/AIDS. When will you end your gatekeeping of HIV/AIDS? There are over 300 individuals with MDs and 600 with PhDs who have publicly expressed their call for a reappraisal of the HIV/AIDS theory, and their voices aren’t being heard in the mass media for the same reasons Lyme disease isn’t being adequately addressed.


Here are the relevant quotes from the September 14, 2011, Lyme disease show description:

“there’s no disease on this planet that’s more controversial at this point.” He traced the issues back to the original description of Lyme disease in 1975, where Grier claimed that doctors “got a lot of things wrong with this new disease.” Going forward, he said, the medical establishment has merely “built up on this mythology that they had started” and, even in modern times, testing for Lyme disease is only about 25% accurate.

“They call it the ‘practice’ of medicine, but nowadays medicine is a fascist state,”

Alongside that problem is the lack of funding for research into the disease. Believing that a key aspect in understanding the sickness lies in its affect on the human brain, Grier said that he’s been trying for over a decade to get funding from the NIH and CDC for such studies and has been continuously rebuffed. He surmised that this lack of support is because of trepidation from the medical community that his research would “prove them all wrong” about the true nature of the disease.

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