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On the November 14, 2015 episode of Exposing Faux Capitalism with Jason Erb, I covered the following issues:

Arthur Topham’s bogus hate crime conviction, Canadian election results, and recent articles on fauxcapitalist.com, including what G. Edward Griffin didn’t talk about on Coast to Coast AM, and George Noory’s phony talk of a presidential run.

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Fiscal cliffThe mass media misled Americans, and the world, about the phony U.S. debt fiscal cliff non-crisis in at least two big ways:

1) There was never any threat of defaulting on the U.S. debt as a result of not raising the debt limit, as federal revenues still exceed interest and principal payments on the federal debt. The consequence would be that the federal government would have to return more closely to its constitutional boundaries, in cutting back the >40% of every dollar spent that it is currently financing by borrowing.

2) The U.S. doesn’t depend on borrowing from any country or individuals — the Federal Reserve could buy up as many Treasury Bonds as it wants, and return most of the money back to the U.S. Treasury, as it is required to do by law, after paying its expenses, and shareholders. This is what the government’s been relying on since 2008 anyway. This will result in the eventual destruction of the USD, as this borrowing isn’t subject to the same kind of scrutiny by big lending countries like China and Japan.

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Fritz SpringmeierThanks to Mark Dice for this, who recently came out against Alex Jones.

In this blast from the past, Fritz Springmeier states (with pause words removed):

I can guess I can get myself into more trouble on this videotape by talking about something that’s controversial — the Mars colony — which has slaves up there. That’s there — they’ve already brought the New World Order into reality there on Mars. They haven’t quite brought it into total fruition here on Earth.

Previously, I wrote the article, Fritz Springmeier laughably announces to millions of listeners that it’s “a very guarded secret” that some elites are living hundreds of years, about his statements on an episode of the Alex Jones Show.

How much longer will people like Fritz Springmeier and David Icke continue to get airtime in the “alternative” media without the extraordinary evidence necessary to back up their extraordinary claims?

The more that Alex Jones and Coast to Coast AM have these guys on raises more questions about their intentions.

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Benjamin FulfordFrom Joel Skousen’s April 20, 2012 World Affairs Brief (www.worldaffairsbrief.com):


From time to time I have to publish a warning about disinformation people trying to lead the liberty movement astray and bring it into ridicule. Recently, claims by David Wilcock and Benjamin Fulford are once again causing subscribers to email me for comment. Both Wilcock and Fulford may be sincere patriots but they have been listening to disinformation experts who are whispering bogus conspiracy claims in their ears. These disinfo guys claim to be Pentagon insiders and are telling them that loyal elements of our military are about to arrest all the insiders and globalists and save us from their nasty world government agenda. Not only is it not true, it’s patently ridiculous. It’s also impossible to pull off with these dupes broadcasting the plot to all the world.”

The day before Skousen’s publication, I wrote the article, Benjamin Fulford is knowingly fooling people, showing that I don’t think he’s sincere, regardless of whether he’s just a good old-fashioned huckster or a paid disinfo agent. In any case, the effect is the same, in bringing the legitimate alternative media and research community into disrepute through guilt by association.

For another person who I first thought was a curious case, only to conclude that he’s also not sincere, is John Lear, who appeared on Coast to Coast AM’s April Fool’s broadcast and claimed that 2 billion people are living on the Moon (1:32:10)  and that Bigfoot is from Mars (2:33:00). The problem is, it wasn’t an April Fool’s joke, as he said back in 2003 that Venus and the Moon have a breathable atmosphere.

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Here’s my comment on an article about Apple CEO Steve Jobs saying that Google’s “don’t be evil” slogan was rubbish:

Most slogans aren’t serious. Like Ford’s “Quality is Job One,” despite making the faulty Pinto, and deciding it was cheapter to settle lawsuits than recall it. Or Microsoft’s, “Where Do You Want to Go Today?”, which is a rhetorical question, since they give you whatever they want to, since they have a monopoly.

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