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national Flag of Canada

I came across bloggingcanadians.ca in doing research for an article and am looking forward to having my blog added to their non-partisan blogs section.

I indicated that this site is a non-partisan alternative economics and political blog from a strong Canadian perspective.

As I wrote in my article, Fauxcapitalist.com reaches the 100,000 views milestone:

I also wanted to provide a home for alternative Canadian content with an international perspective that I felt wasn’t being adequately provided anywhere else, as I think Canada has an important story to tell the world in charting a prosperous way forward in our increasingly globalized world, in the face of many organized threats to liberty and prosperity.

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My comments on today’s PrisonPlanet.com article about 2004 Libertarian Presidential Candidate and constitutional scholar, Michael Badnarik, suffering a heart attack. Oddly, they were scrubbed.

I first heard his Constitution classes in January of this year, and they were so enlightening, accurate and inspiring.

This man knows the requirements of a government for a free people, and never ceased in his advocation of those principles, the necessity of them, and why socialism and other forms of collectivism will destroy those freedoms and the prosperity they provide.

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