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Here are 10 questions I have for Lew Rockwell, founder of the government-regulated and tax-exempt Ludwig von Mises Institute, and founder of the purported “anti-state” site, LewRockwell.com:

Lew Rockwell1) Why did you enter into a voluntary agreement with the very same government you said is “far worse than the mafia?

2) When there were prominent voices asking for information about who wrote the racially-charged Ron Paul newsletters, with some pointing the finger at you, why did you engage in the very Washington-style politics you decry and provide little to no transparency and say it was “ancient history“, and a smear campaign?

3) Why did you excise the last paragraph from Paul Craig Roberts’ April 2008 article, “What the Iraq War Is About”, implicating Israel’s interests as the primary reason for the 2003 Iraq War, despite your webmaster posting it to his own site, antiwar.com?

4) When serious questions were being raised by 2006 about the official 9/11 government conspiracy theory, why didn’t you regularly give prominent space on your “anti-state” site to these voices, and aggressively question the propositions underlying the attacks that have most served to aggressively expand the power of the state?

5) Why do you regularly promote a so-called free market gold standard, when your most prominent writer, Gary North, admits that such a thing has never existed throughout history?

6) Why do you continue to regularly publish Gary North’s articles in light of him making claims like gold coins produced by the U.S. and Canadian Mints aren’t money, or can’t even be bothered to respond to fellow Austrian School associate, Walter Block?

7) Why are you selectively publishing Paul Craig Roberts’ and Michael Snyder’s articles? That is, when they make good pro-state arguments, why do you censor them like Saul Alinsky advocated, in not presenting valid arguments, even though they may undermine your case?

8) Why don’t you allow comments (potential negative criticism) on your site? (as of December 27, 2013, this remains the case).

9) Why did you say money is something you can use to buy things at Kroger’s (implying that government-issued currency really is money), despite making a career out of blasting government, and saying gold is real money?

10) Why did you claim that Murray Rothbard founded libertarianism, when the Merriam-Webster dictionary shows that it was a defined concept two centuries earlier?

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Etienne de HarvenHere is the publication, for the first time ever, of four questions posed to Dr. Etienne de Harven, about HIV and AIDS, by radio host George Whitehurst-Berry, back in October 2008:

Q: What is your background and what are your qualifications as a Scientist?

A: I am an MD, from Brussels University, 1953, and specialized in Pathology. I spent all my career in electron microscopy/cancer research, primarily while working as head of electron microscopy research at Sloan Kettering Institute, New York, from 1956 until 1981. I was the first one to describe, by electron microscopy, the Friend murine leukemia retrovirus. I was also the first to coin the word “budding” in describing the sequential steps in the assembly of retroviruses on the surface of the infected cells.

Q: How did you come to question the “official” version of the so-called HIV/AIDS “theory”?

A: I was first surprised, in the early 1980s, to learn that around 95% of the AIDS patients were males! In infectious disease pathology, the gender distribution of patients is close to 50/50! Obviously, this was not in line with the concept of AIDS being an infectious, contagious disease! Moreover, if AIDS was a sexually transmitted infectious disease, how do the “experts” explain that prostitutes do not get AIDS??

Q: What else should our readers know about the HIV/AIDS “theory”?

A: I wish your readers would know:
a) that not one single particle of retrovirus has ever been seen by electron microscopy in the blood of any AIDS patients, even if one selects patients who are supposedly presenting with a high “viral load”;
b) that all the beautiful pictures of “HIV” that we see in the press/magazine/etc. are ALL originating from complex laboratory cell culture systems, never directly from one single AIDS patient;
c) that retroviruses known in mice and birds never destroy the cells they infect, and are therefore not expected to destroy human CD4 lymphocytes; and
d) that the recent Nobel prize awarded to Luc Montagnier et al. is a politically correct manoeuvre in a desperate attempt to rescue the HIV theory that is crumbling since the 2007 publication of James Chin’s book on “The AIDS Pandemic – The collision of epidemiology with political correctness”.

Q: What problems have you encountered as an HIV/AIDS Truth Seeker from the “scientific” establishment, and from government officials opposed to free speech and free and open scientific debate?

A: Since my retirement in France, in 1993, I have been exposed to total censorship. I have written many letters (more than 12!) to the French newspaper “Le Monde”, to correct specific mistakes they were making in regard to the “HIV” theory. Not one single of my letters has ever been published by this highly regarded daily newspaper.

For the most extensive series of interviews on the AIDS scam from 2008-2010, see George Whitehurst-Berry’s archives here.

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English: The Red ribbon is a symbol for solida...

Here are my questions for anyone who claims that HIV was created in a lab as a bioweapon. I originally posed these questions to Boyd Graves on February 22, 2008, and never received a response. At the time, his assistant said Graves was in the hospital and he would provide my questions to him:

1) How do you reconcile the existence of a blood sample from a Congolese man in 1959 that produced a positive HIV-antibody test result (http://www.cnn.com/HEALTH/9802/03/earliest.aids/) using the same test patented in 1984 and used to this very day, given that the Virus-Cancer program you say was responsible for the AIDS virus was conducted from 1962-1978?

2) There is strong evidence to suggest that Robert Gallo was unable to isolate HIV at all when he made his announcement on April 23, 1984 that he had found the ‘probable cause of AIDS’. Even in his scientific paper published nearly a week later, he claimed he could only find HIV-antibody in 44 out of 93 AIDS patients (let alone the actual HIV which was nearly indetectable in any AIDS patients until the use of PCR).
He was originally found guilty by the National Institutes of Health in 1992 on several cases of scientific misconduct (http://query.nytimes.com/gst/fullpage.html?sec=health&res=9F0CEFDA103DF932A05751C1A964958260). It turned out that the pictures he first published of the HIV virus were the pictures sent to him by Luc Montagnier along with the HIV virus in 1983. Strong evidence suggests that Gallo hadn’t found the virus at all when he made his announcement, but had misappropriated it from Montagnier.

So I was wondering how you would explain his ability and the government’s ability to either create HIV or bio-engineer it to make it lethal in light of Gallo, being one of the leading scientists in the Virus-Cancer program and early leading HIV/AIDS figure working out of one of the best labs in the world, seemingly unable to even isolate HIV in 1984, 3 years into the AIDS epidemic?

I am willing to provide you with any information I have supporting these claims and would very much like to further delve into and debate this topic with you to get to the bottom of the true story of HIV/AIDS that has certainly been covered up to varying degrees by the establishment.

For more on the AIDS scam, see my articles here.

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