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Investigate 9/11Here is a creepy and suspicious 9/11 testimonial by a Swedish victim’s mother. Thanks to Simon Shack’s March 17, 2013 interview on Radio.Abirato for drawing this to my attention:

Normally when you had been at home and returned to New York you left things here and there for me to pick up later. The last time you only left a pair of used socks on the floor. I did not have time to wash them before 9/11. I still have not and I never will. I smell them every day and they smell of you David. I am so afraid that your smell will vanish. I can see the shape of your feet in the socks. There are some tiny spots of dirt on the outside, and inside I can see tiny pieces of skin, which have come from your feet. This is all I have left of you. I do not usually like the smell of used socks, but these mean everything to me. They contain the last scent you left behind.

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Simon ShackHere’s a summary of important points I came up with while listening to Simon Shack’s March 17, 2013 interview on Radio.Abirato.

In the first half hour, he implicated several suspicious individuals involved in 9/11 or its coverup, including Steven Rosenbaum, Kenneth Feinberg, Larry Silverstein and Judge Hellerstein, and said he thinks conventional explosives were used to bring down the WTC towers.

29m – said the images showing a collapse were faked
37m – he implicated Judy Wood as a gatekeeper
38m – called hologram theory ridiculous
1h4m – Highway of Heroes propaganda on Hwy 401 to Toronto
1h13m – talked about obituaries of 5 british soldiers who allegedly all died within a month, and the constant mention of their senses of humour, supposedly spoken of by different family members
1h17m – British soldiers with names that are like anagrams, and two soldiers named monk house who were killed within in a week
1h25m – suspicious testimony of only Swedish victim on 9/11 allegedly written by his mom, about weirdness of his used socks
1h32m – having to jump the psychological hurdle of questioning whether certain alleged victims had died
2h21m – said he abandoned the missile theory
2h25m – said the Loose Change crew is controlled opposition, said it was made on purpose to lead somewhere, but not to the truth
2h32m – said it’s an international crime group
2h34m – said there’s obviously quite a number of Jews involved
2h58m – Brian Staveley implicated by the host as a possible shill
3h2m – can spot shills by them always staying on certain issues, despite logical reasoning attempts by others
3h8m – wondered if high rates of suicides among soldiers were because of them having to lie about the conflicts over there
3h20m – said he didn’t think Adam Lanza really existed
3h26m – fox 9/11 video archives cuts out after 15 minutes
3h36m – said the beautiful images in Judy Wood’s book are fake, said the rubble pics are also fake
3h42m – concerned about whether he could damage his credibility by investigating the moon landings

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