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English: A deid (dead) Bell from Glasgow. Date...

One month since the Daily Bell ended comments on April 25, 2012, its Alexa ranking has tanked, showing that by May 27, it had a one-month ranking of 106,899, a 7-day ranking of 96,710, and a 3-month ranking of 71,591.

Once its three-month ranking falls below 100,000, it will no longer warrant Alexa’s daily compilation of in-depth statistics. I see that it has fallen so far that the confidence factor of the visitor demographic information is down from a high level of confidence to only medium.

If this trend continues, the Daily Bell will have to fold and start up as another site, appearing sufficiently different for most of its readers not to realize that it’s a case of Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss.

To those who ask what one individual can do to affect change, it was the efforts of several individuals who challenged the suspicious and highly questionable statements by the Daily Bell and some of its supporters that eventually led the DB to pull the plug on comments.

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