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Anthony MigchelsI conducted a special interview with Anthony Migchels of Real Currencies on economics in National Socialist Germany, based on his popular September 16 article, Hitler’s Finances and the Myth of Nazi anti-Usury Activism, on October 20, 2013. Here is the audio.

We discussed:

  • mortgages only up to a maximum of 25% usury-free on the principal
  • the myth of Hitler’s anti-usury efforts
  • German consumers still heavily indebted with usury
  • internal constraints on Hitler, Hitler was anti-usury in his rhetoric before coming to power, different afterwards
  • Hitler as a statist on steroids
  • the official Nazi monetary policy was to serve the state and not the people
  • Confederate Greybacks issued to pay for war that overwhelmingly benefited the <10% minority of slaveholders
  • importance of decentralization of the money supply, no need for any usury (simple or compound interest) on money
  • beware of centralizing or half-measure monetary “reforms”

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Tom Woods

Tom Woods

Anthony Migchels

Anthony Migchels

That is the question I have subsequent to my public and private offer to Tom Woods to moderate a debate between himself and Anthony Migchels of Real Currencies.

As I disclosed at the start of my March 31, 2013 interview with Anthony Migchels, Tom Woods didn’t accept, and the reasons weren’t because he was concerned I wasn’t a worthy moderator, or that Anthony Migchels wasn’t a worthy debater, or that he wasn’t available at the proposed time.

Tom Woods supports a debate between fellow Austrian School supporter Bob Murphy and Paul Krugman.

Just as Paul Krugman may not be interested in giving a platform to his critics in the Austrian School, perhaps Tom Woods is also not interested in giving a platform to a well-researched, voluntary, interest-free currency reformer such as Anthony Migchels.

For more on Tom Woods, see my articles:

Tom Woods responded to my comments on his article, The Greenbackers’ Fake Quote Industry and Austrian School supporter Tom Woods admits gold has no intrinsic value

For more on Anthony Migchels, see my most popular interview ever, with Anthony Migchels, about the elite origins of the Austrian School.

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Interest-free monetary reformer, Anthony Migchels, is scheduled to be my guest on Exposing Faux Capitalism on March 17, 2013 from 1:30 to 3 PM Eastern on Oracle Broadcasting.

I previously interviewed Anthony on July 22, 2012, where he thoroughly exposed the Austrian School of economics as a controlled opposition front for debt-slavery promoting private banking interests.

His blog is Real Currencies.

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Inspired by over 100 likes of Anthony Migchels’ Real Currencies Facebook page in just three months, I created one for Exposing Faux Capitalism here.

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Anthony MigchelsCongratulations to Anthony Migchels, author of realcurrencies.wordpress.com, for his other site, recoveringaustrians.wordpress.com, making it into Commodity HQ’s Top 40 Austrian Economics Blogs.

Anthony has sourced many of my articles at Exposing Faux Capitalism, and it’s good that at least one site critical of Austrian Economics is included in a Top 40 list of Austrian Economics blogs.

I previously interviewed Anthony on my July 23, 2012 episode of my radio show.

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