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English: Alex Jones outside Bilderberg meeting...

From the September 16, 2012 interview with Dr. Steve Piecznenik (starting at 33:22), which resulted in his September 18 appearance being cancelled.

From his Twitter feed:

Steve Pieczenik @StevePieczenik
Alex Jones just pulled me off his 1:30 show today. He was intimidated by the very people we talked about. no worries, truth will prevail.
8:36 AM Sep 18th

And his blog at stevepieczenik.com/blog:

Okay, no Alex Jones today! Just got a call from info wars, canceling my interview. I think Alex was intimidated by the very people and organizations that we were talking about. Stay tuned, more to come.
Posted by Steve Pieczenik at 8:30 AM 29 comments:

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English: Mark Dice head shotAlex Jones has alienated many in the alternative research community, as evidenced by his fallouts with Jack Blood, Jeff Rense, Michael Rivero, Ted Pike, Catherine Bleish, Texe Marrs, Dr. Len Horowitz and Dr. Rebecca Carley.

Now add Mark Dice to the list. Here are some highlights from his public statement (emphasis mine):

That was April of 2011, and after six years of being a regular on the show every few months, all of a sudden I stopped getting asked to come on, and he stopped stocking my books after our misunderstanding, which we supposedly got through, but apparently he still decided he was done with me. That’s the gist of it.

In my opinion he has to do everything he can to increase his web hits and increase ad revenue because he has so much overhead since the infowars studios grew so big with such a large facility. He’s a conspiracy shock jock entertainer basically, that’s why “everything” is a conspiracy and he doesn’t debunk anything because that’s not fun and exciting radio like talking about how a Swat Team is going to come to your house at any moment to confiscate your guns.

For more on Alex Jones, see my articles:

1) If Alex Jones is such a threat to the NWO, why is he so sure “I’ll be here in 20 years”?

2) Alex Jones to Gary Franchi: If you ever backbite me, I’ll squish you like a bug and you’ll be dead in this movement

3) George Whitehurst-Berry uncovers some interesting information on Alex Jones

4) Why Dr. Rebecca Carley won’t be back on the Alex Jones Show

5) A glaring omission: Stephen Lendman never invited onto Coast to Coast AM or the Alex Jones Show

6) Alex Jones’ childish behaviour when Webster Tarpley criticized Ron Paul at Bilderberg 2012

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George Whitehurst-BerryGeorge Whitehurst-Berry, the former host of Crash! Are You Ready?, and now a prolific blogger at subotaisbow.com, has uncovered some interesting information since July 2012 about the man who still hosts a show in the hour after his show aired.

1. Alex Jones a pawn of Zionism?

2. Alex Jones Blows His Cover In Austin

3. A listener blocked by Alex Jones asks: “Why Do Alex Jones Most Important Guests End Up Dead?”

4. Did Alex Jones really Get Arrested for asking a question?

5. Alex Jones Says “Arabs” Control Hollywood & US Stock Exchange – Not zionists – “Saudis”

6. Alex Jones constructive criticism, Israel and 911 why avoid it

7. Why Is The ADL Promoting Alex Jones?

8. The Deception of Alex Jones?

9. Alex Jones to Gary Franchi: If you ever backbite me, I’ll squish you like a bug, and you’ll be dead in this movement (originally from fauxcapitalist.com)

10. Why Dr. Rebecca Carley won’t be back on the Alex Jones Show (originally from fauxcapitalist.com)

11. Not to be seen on “Infowars”: Green Libyan Democracy VS Western Democracy – A Comparison

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On the August 5, 2012 episode of Exposing Faux Capitalism with Jason Erb, I covered the following articles:

1) July 31, 2012 interview with Dennis Marker that I arranged for Dr. Stan Monteith

2) Alex Jones loses his lock on the GCN time slots

3) Why Dr. Rebecca Carley won’t be back on the Alex Jones Show

4) Lee Rogers announces a possible book exposing “False Patriots”

5) James Corbett is the new International Forecaster

And a critical analysis of the Daily Bell’s article, Now Let Us Celebrate Tally Sticks… Or Not.

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Dr. Rebecca CarleyDr. Rebecca Carley, who was on the Alex Jones Show in March of 2009, won’t be on the show again, and it became evident why from her July 3, 2012 appearance on Truth Hertz with Charles Giuliani.

At 39:15 (edited to remove pause words):

You have to admit, it’s pretty ingenious how they installed him. One thing I always tell people is that, you know, you don’t become a multimillionaire by speaking the truth — it doesn’t happen — so that’s the first red flag.

And of course, he is really scaring people. I mean, he gives us information on what is actually happening. Never a solution. And most importantly, like you said, he doesn’t tell us who the enemy is. If you don’t know who the enemy is, then what are you gonna do?

At 40:06:

What’s the problem with talking about Jews? How come you can talk about anybody else, but as soon as you mention a Jew, you’re antisemitic, you’re basically guilty of hate crimes.

I also wondered what the problem Alex Jones had with discussing Jewish individuals, and I found out why, as I wrote about in my article, An absolutely damning clip of Alex Jones on Zionist Jews versus Mexicans.

For another example of a Jewish double standard, see my article, Google’s Web search double standard.

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