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English: Alex Jones outside Bilderberg meeting...Those who have made good faith criticisms of Alex Jones in the same way that Alex Jones himself makes good faith criticisms of those more popular than himself — like Barack Obama and Rush Limbaugh — are accused of being jealous of his success and of dividing the movement.

As I pointed out in a previous article, by that logic, Alex Jones’ criticism of Barack Obama and Rush Limbaugh is motivated by his jealousy of their success because they are more popular than he is.

It shows how phony that retort has always been, and how it betrays an uncritical devotion to a personality as opposed to an uncompromising search for truth.

Now that Alex Jones has rightly come out and criticized Rand Paul’s endorsement of Romney as a “betrayal,” and asked Ron Paul to account for his presidential campaign decisions, those Alex Jones supporters who criticize others for questioning the statements and actions of prominent figures in the liberty community as “dividing the movement” are mostly silent about Alex Jones having done that, as one will see from perusing the comments at Infowars.com.

Here were Alex Jones’ strong words for Ron Paul:

1:11: “taking wind out of your own sails — and out of our sails

1:24: “What did you expect to happen from this? Well, you’re very politically smart — you knew it would blow up in your face, and I have to tell you — I am not going to go down on the Ron Paul ship. If you don’t come out and explain yourself to your constituents and supporters, this is going to spread like a cancer…

6:11: “I’m ashamed that I didn’t listen to the voices warning me in the last six months, and pointing out this trail of many betrayals that we’ve been witnessing leading up to this larger betrayal.

6:50: “And to watch you mortally wounding the movement you helped build is very, very sad.

The Alex Jones double standard-bearers are those who took exception with those making legitimate criticisms of Rand and Ron Paul prior to Alex Jones taking them to task. It was “dividing the movement” to ask, as I did, whether Ron Paul will throw 9/11 Truth under the bus again, like he did in 2012, with negative comments on my post on RonPaulForums.com like, “truthers is why we lost last time also. go the f***[edited] away.”

As Alex Jones himself said, he should’ve heeded the words of those warning him since the end of 2011 that things weren’t right with the campaign.

I was aware of this before Rand’s endorsement, and wrote the May 16, 2012 article, Dr. Stan Monteith: “I’m sure that they’ve infiltrated and neutralized Ron Paul’s political candidacy,” and the May 31 article, Was Ron Paul’s 2012 Republican presidential nomination campaign sabotaged from within?

And there was my 2009 prediction that Rand Paul wouldn’t be a constitutional candidate, despite Infowars.com automatically flagging my comment for moderation on an article claiming he was a constitutional candidate at the time.

Now let’s see if any prominent alternative media personality criticizes Alex Jones the way he criticized Ron Paul and isn’t raked over the coals by the Alex Jones double standard-bearers.

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Official portrait of United States Senator (R-KY).

Senator Rand Paul’s June 7, 2012 endorsement of Mitt Romney for President in 2012 came as no surprise to me, as I predicted as far back as 2009 that he wouldn’t be a constitutional candidate for the U.S. Senate, and my unpopular prediction was further vindicated with this endorsement, so why are so many others surprised by his decision?

On December 31, 2010, I wrote the article, The U.S. Senate regularly violates the law, about my shocking discovery that U.S. Senators were regularly conducting business and passing legislation without the constitutionally mandated quorum of a majority of Senators in order to conduct business.

In it, I responded with a January 9, 2011 comment about my assessment of Senator Rand Paul:

If Rand doesn’t know about that requirement and his duty regarding it, then he’s already no constitutional candidate in my books.

I stopped regarding him as a constitutional candidate once he came out with this November 2009 press release:


“Foreign terrorists do not deserve the protections of our Constitution,” said Dr. Paul. “These thugs should stand before military tribunals and be kept off American soil. I will always fight to keep Kentucky safe and that starts with cracking down on our enemies.”

If you read his words carefully, there is the possibility that it was a clever attempt to fool “law and order” conservatives into voting for him, so long as he has accepted being a one-term Senator in actually standing for the Constitution in this matter.

However, I suspect he meant it the way I first read it, whereby he regards the Constitution and Bill of Rights irrelevant to foreign “terrorists,” despite the Constitution being a contract between the people and their government, which defined the government’s powers and limits, including its dealings with foreigners.

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Ron Paul, member of the United States House of...

Now that Mitt Romney has officially clinched the 2012 Republican presidential nomination, it is relevant to ask the question, was Ron Paul’s 2012 Republican presidential nomination campaign sabotaged from within?

On the May 15, 2012 episode of Radio Liberty with Dr. Stan Monteith, Dr. Stan stated he was sure that they had infiltrated and neutralized Ron Paul’s political candidacy because he had called over 10 times to have Ron Paul as a guest on his 70+ affiliate radio program, and had offered to donate money, yet never received a single return call.

On the May 19, 2012 episode of the Secret Truth with George Butler and Charlotte Littlefield, George Butler said (at 30:54 with pause words removed):

The Ron Paul campaign is putting out some information about, this might be his last Moneybomb. Did you see that notation, Charlotte? … Well one of the top officials in the Ron Paul campaign — which I disagree with totally, they shouldn’t even print anything like that like that. That’s very discouraging to the grassroots supporters of Ron Paul. And to say in an email or something that this may be the last Moneybomb or something for Ron Paul or his legacy, talking about his legacy.

I think it’s a little early to talk about his legacy when he’s making new history and new gains and he’s progressing every day.

I just think that some of these pronouncements made by his campaign are totally wrong — within policy — and I think they should have never been made. I think they were mistakes.

Lee Rogers of Live Free or Die Radio on Oracle Broadcasting has been at the forefront in the true alternative media in questioning whether Ron Paul’s campaign has been intentionally set up to fail, in saying that he wasn’t supporting Ron Paul in 2012 because of what happened in 2008.

Lee Rogers is no armchair quarterback when it comes to Ron Paul, as he conducted an interview with him in the run-up to the 2008 campaign, and he later revealed that Ron Paul said he had asked him tough questions.

Since Ron Paul didn’t win the nomination, the argument that Ron Paul should throw 9/11 under the bus again in 2012 is moot, since he didn’t win, regardless.

On April 29, 2011, I posed the question, will Ron Paul throw 9/11 Truth under the bus again, like he did in 2008?, and was met with a mostly hostile reaction on RonPaulForums.com. While I didn’t hear of him throwing it under the bus in 2012, he also didn’t embrace it or even say that those seeking a full independent account of what happened on 9/11 had some legitimate points in doubting the official story.

The fact that avoiding 9/11 Truth didn’t win him the nomination confirms the futility of that strategy, and the same strategy of any subsequent libertarian presidential candidate. To say that if he had embraced 9/11 Truth, he would’ve lost even more is like saying that it’s better to lose less in a contest where winning is the goal and there’s only room for one winner.

Dr. Stan Monteith has said that “most of the conservative organizations have been infiltrated,” and I don’t think Ron Paul’s campaign is any different.

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Ron Paul, member of the United States House of...

From Joel Skousen’s World Affairs Brief (www.worldaffairsbrief.com) on March 16, 2012:

After Super Tuesday, it’s officially official: Ron Paul won’t go into Tampa with enough delegates to win the presidential nomination.

Therefore, while I didn’t hear of Ron Paul throwing 9/11 Truth under the bus as he did in 2008, he also didn’t embrace it, and barring some miracle through a brokered convention, he won’t be the Republican presidential candidate and effectively had nothing to lose by taking 9/11 Truth seriously, without being a full-fledged “Truther.”

Let this be a lesson to those appeasers who water down their message in the hopes of achieving a political breakthrough, despite being outsiders up against the big political machine that makes sure its hand-picked appeasers are filtered, chosen and kept under control.

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Chuck Todd, writer for National Journal and ed...

On the January 29, 2012 episode of Meet the Press, Senior Political Analyst Chuck Todd stated (at 2:58):

All three Republican candidates

You “forgot” Ron Paul, Todd.

I’m sure you just couldn’t fit him on that big screen of yours.

I think I saw Chuck Todd on Capitol Hill on my December 2008 trip to Washington, D.C. He passed by so suddenly that my hesitation in being sure it was him ruined the chance to say something meaningful.

At the time, I was wondering what he had to say about 9/11. I’d still like to ask him about that. Only this time, I’d specifically like to ask him what he thinks about the flight school owner, Rudi Dekkers, saying the alleged ringleader of the 9/11 hijackers, Mohamed Atta, was never seen praying in the special area he had set up, and that it wasn’t Atta’s voice on the purported cockpit recording that officials say was his.

For more on Meet the Press, see my article, Meet the Press not the longest-running television show due to superior research and guests.

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On the eve of the January 10, 2012 New Hampshire Republican primary, former Bush chief strategist, Matthew Dowd, made an outrageously bogus “prediction” on the Charlie Rose Show. At 4:01, he declared:

I think Huntsman may finish second.

Even Charlie Rose, holder of the Triple Crown of membership in subversive globalist institutions (Bilderberg, Trilateral and Bohemian Grove), expressed shock at Dowd’s “prediction.”

I think Dowd understands human nature very well, and that regardless of what small impact he can have, he knows that people want to vote for a winner, and in casting an anti-Romney vote, the goal of the establishment is to have anyone but Ron Paul fit that bill.

Huntsman ended up coming in behind Ron Paul, as even Charlie Rose dared not imagine otherwise, and, Matthew Dowd — you are the presumptive nominee for the most bogus political prediction of 2012 award.

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Donald Trump

I believe that today’s developments in the ‘birther’ issue is instructive for us with the AIDS scam.

Regardless of whether Barack Obama was born in the U.S. or not, he spent over $2 million dollars in the past three years to fight court cases that demanded he prove his natural born citizenship eligibility requirement by producing his long-form birth certificate, long after producing his purported short-form certification of live birth online during the 2008 presidential campaign.

The mass media, including the so-called pro-Republican and conservative Fox News, repeatedly wrote off all legitimate and well-intentioned inquiry into the issue. That is, until a man by the name of Donald Trump with his billions of dollars and mass media stardom started polling at the top of Republican presidential candidates for 2012.

My take home message from all this is that until someone big steps up to confront the AIDS scam in a similar way, I don’t see this scam getting effectively exposed and challenged in a big way until enough average people feel directly threatened by it in a significant manner. Given that most Americans didn’t feel directly threatened by the ‘birther’ issue, it likely would’ve continued to languish outside of the mainstream had it not been for the actions of Trump.

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