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Updated 03/01/14 in response to a reader’s email to Karen Hudes, asking for clarification. See more in the comments below.

Karen HudesThanks to Red Ice Radio for conducting this February 21, 2014 interview with Karen Hudes, confirming my suspicions about her since late 2013, when she claimed that the Jesuits were behind the corruption at the World Bank, and by extension, the international banking system.

This despite the last three World Bank presidents being Robert Zoellick, Paul Wolfowitz and James Wolfensohn, and the latest three Federal Reserve Bank chairs being Janet Yellen, Ben Bernanke and Alan Greenspan — none of whom are Jesuits.

Another alarm bell went off for me when she advocated giving back IMF gold to the member countries, so they could use it to back up their currencies. This is the pattern of the international banksters since the 1700s, in going to some gold-backed currency in order to boost confidence in it, with the full intention of removing the gold backing until usury has run its inevitable course and devalued the currency.

It’s no coincidence, therefore, that former World Bank President, Robert Zoellick, called for some sort of gold linkage for currencies.

Then, with this interview, she’s claiming aliens are behind the Jesuits. Sorry — it’s too much — and I now have to blow the whistle on her.

For a fact-based, wide-ranging discussion of real economics, see my Red Ice Radio interview here.

Here is my summary of her interview:

17m – Claimed a nuclear device was supposed to be detonated on Charleston
19m – Only started getting attention in 2013 from alternative media
21m – Said the Jesuits are the group behind the corruption at the World Bank, and there’s some groups behind them
22m – Said some are telling her to not say who’s behind the Jesuits
– Said a neurologist quoted someone who said the same thing and suddenly died at the age of 34
– Said picture of Akhenaten isn’t of a human
25m – Said some in Vatican wear “crazy” headdresses that hide high skulls
26m – She said it’s probably more believable than the nonsense they tell us about aliens
31m – Admits some have called her a disinfo agent for getting so much publicity
34m – Robert McNamara came to run the World Bank
35m – She talked to fellow World Bank whistleblowers and they said the World Bank could be part of a solution
36m – Said we’re on the verge of a collapse of paper currencies, and World Bank and IMF hold keys to gold and could be part of solution if it were given back to member countries
37m – Claimed no one knew that World Bank controls the world’s gold
– Her interview with Antal Fekete
39m – Antal suggests minting the gold
40m – Use certificates for gold because minting takes too long
41m – Said Jesuits and Homo Capensis (“coneheads”) were behind plan to steal gold
43m – Henrik asked how could an evil plan be for our benefit
44m – She said it’s a mystery how the whistleblowers got together — said it’s a mystery to themselves, too
48m – Said she didn’t realize that the media was part of the problem, she thought they’d be part of the solution
49m – Gentleman’s agreement that the u.s. would choose the head of the World Bank, and the Europeans would choose the head of the IMF
53m – She could sue the World Bank because she was a bondholder — otherwise, they have immunity
55m – Said Strauss-Kahn wanted to get gold into the world’s hands, so that’s why he was taken down, but he hired someone suing her
58m – She had been interviewed for the position of General Counsel
1h5m – Said fellow whistleblower who is into water issues was given top position by Jesuits and asked to sign a contract for 9 quadrillion
1h7m – (Updated) – Says we don’t have time for committees to study gold backwardation, and we need to move quickly to prevent it
1h8m – People in alternative media highly conditioned to not trust any government action
1h11m – She sees IMF and Bretton Woods as a springboard for reform
1h14m – She referred to so-called first 13th amendment barring bar members from government, in saying 14th amendment
1h17m – Said there’s more gold in the world than we know – referred to Wolfgang Struck — German banker living in Philippines for past two decades
1h18m – Said the world owes Ferdinand Marcos a huge debt for setting up a good legal system
1h19m – She said JFK was killed by Jesuits
1h20m – Said Hitler was related to Japanese emperor, etc.
1h25m – Silvio Gessel said local currencies are the best currencies
1h26m – (Updated) Said we’re going to have to use force (with armies) to get gold from World Bank to give to member countries (if they don’t voluntarily cooperate)
1h29m – Said there was a nuclear bomb that was supposed to explode on the 8th, but was stopped
1h31m – Said the Jesuits have been stopped
1h33m – She said look what’s happening with fiat money
1h36m – Henrik said he’s not seeing the tide turn any time soon
1h38m – She said there should be no ifs, ands, ors or buts about stopping gold backwardation

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USA presidential campaign poster 1900 William ...

Paul Walter, editor at NewsWithViews.com, was on Radio Liberty with Dr. Stan Monteith to discuss the 1899 book, The Coming Battle, on yesterday’s show.

I quickly checked online, and found this copy.

Searching through it, I see that the author made it clear that a gold standard is a bankster-favoured standard.

The author writes in Chapter 3:

It has become the settled policy of those financiers who so urgently advocate a single standard of gold, to point to the act of June 28, 1834, as the establishment of that system. This has been the gist of the numberless arguments of the gold standard advocates, constantly reiterated in the halls of congress and elsewhere, with a brazen disregard of truth that approaches desperation.

Seizing the opportunity, I called in at the start of the third segment (29:09), and asked the guest what the author had to say about the gold standard. He didn’t directly address my question, when he said:

The only thing that I see, that if we back our currency by gold and silver, it’s good because there’s only so much gold and silver available.

But he later admitted the failure of a gold standard, saying:

But, even if we go to a gold standard, it’s not going to save us, in my opinion. [sic]. No matter what kind of currency you have, what you have, if they manipulate the economy, they control the media, they control the minds of the politicians, and no matter what you have, they’re still gonna be stealing your property, they’re gonna try to silence the internet, they’re gonna try to silence freedom of speech…

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In commenting on World Bank president Robert Zoellick’s gold linkage article in the Financial Times on November 7, 2010, at the start of the first segment of the second hour of the following day, Dr. Stan Monteith of Radio Liberty said:

The [current] president of the World Bank, Mr. Robert Zoellick, had come forward recently and said that what we need is a new international currency backed by gold. Now, that is an amazing, amazing statement. Because what it really means is that they’re talking about doing away with the dollar as the world reserve currency.

Robert Zoellick is one of the members of the Trilateral Commission. And the Trilateral Commission, there’s only 87 of them [from North America] — they control our government.

Barry Goldwater in page 280 of his book said the purpose of the Trilateral Commission was to take over control of the commercial and financial interests of the world by first seizing control of the government of the United States.

When he calls for a global currency, I think that this has a great deal of significance. He calls for a global currency that’s gold backed, I think that this could mean the end of the dollar dominance of the world and the impoverishment of millions of Americans.

To me, the fact that Zoellick was a member of the Trilateral Commission and called for a linkage to gold should ring an alarm bell, especially for those sincere people such as Dr. Stan and Ron Paul who are strong advocates of a gold standard.

Is it likely that Zoellick, being president of the World Bank and former member of the subversive Trilateral Commission, advocating a linkage to gold, in the best interests of the people in general, or is it more likely that he is advocating in the best interests of the banksters he works with and is one of?

I believe it’s the latter. For more information on the historical failures of a gold standard, see my articles:

Inflation on the gold standard,

“Famine or Gold Standard?” How About the Gold Standard and Great Depression

A new gold-backed currency for the U.S. dollar and

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and watch the free full-length version of the documentary by Bill Still, The Secret of Oz.

and become a regular listener of George Whitehurst Berry’s Crash! Are You Ready?

For the success of “fiat” currency, see my article A “fiat” currency that lasted more than 500 years.

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