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English: the AIDS ribbon

This is from an exchange I had with a fellow AIDS rethinker on Facebook on July 2, 2012, who was questioning why some consider positive “HIV” test results invalid, yet they consider the negative results to be valid. The following are my words, with links added:

“The tests aren’t even valid to begin with. That’s why a defendant at Fort Bragg was recently acquitted after testimony by Dr. Rodney Richards, a scientist who worked to develop the first “HIV” tests.

Saying that the Padian study showed no sexual transmission of “HIV” isn’t an admission that the tests are valid. From what are you drawing that conclusion?

Logically, they are both false. But if someone believes or thinks the science shows that the tests are valid, so be it, and there would be a logical inconsistency in holding that the positive tests are false and the negative ones are valid.”

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