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From lewrockwell.com. Released under the GFDL ...The following five articles on LewRockwell.com on June 26, 2012 caught my attention:

Put Away Your Badge, Holster Your Gun, and Stop Trying To Loot Me
Gary North’s message for right-wing protectionists.
– Referring to indirect taxes as “loot[ing]” is hyperbolic rhetoric. It is also ironic that a supposed opponent of world government would argue against constitutional and voluntary methods of taxation that serve as a bulwark against world government by promoting national borders.

What Causes an Economic Depression?
And how to cure it, by Murray Rothbard.
– Promotes the notion that an increase in the supply of money is the sole cause of an economic depression, as opposed to the combination of an increase and subsequent decrease.

Are We Austrians Shills for the Bankers?
So claims a money crank. Article by Tom Woods.
– Methinks Tom Woods doth protest too much! Also, “money crank” is an ad hominem fallacy, though it was probably added by Lew Rockwell or the Webmaster, and not by Tom Woods.

Should Libertarians Accept Social Security?
Laurence Vance on why Ron Paul is right.
– Predictably argues that libertarians should accept a government benefit. While I agree with taking back exactly what you’ve paid into the system, I find it ironic that those who purport to hate government so much conveniently find ways to recognize the authority of an unlawful government, and to accept benefits from it, such as I documented with the tax-exempt status of the Mises Institute.

Is Canada Freer Than the US?
For one thing, it’s not a police state like the US, says Ron Holland. Also, there’s little private crime.
– Yes, Canada is more economically free than the U.S., as I have documented here, and have confirmed with my own personal observations from living in Canada.

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The flags of Canada and the United States of A...

Some highlights, from Daily Bell regular contributor, Ron Holland, in his article, You’d Have to be Crazy To Start A Global Business in the USA — As a Public Company:

I’ll bet you don’t know that I may be the first person in recorded history to move voluntarily from the warm beach and golf resort of Hilton Head Island, South Carolina to cold and snowy Toronto, Canada. But Steve Wynn and many other entrepreneurs forced to deal with the multitude of regulatory agencies at the federal, state and local level would likely agree. America’s growing number of bureaucrats – all with their hand out to exchange fees for paperwork – can make it impossible to compete in the global economy from the US.

Frankly, I’m excited to pay equal or higher taxes to a new nation that never attempted to draft me to fight in Vietnam, doesn’t harass me or my wife when getting on a plane or crossing a border and has never made my life miserable. Also, Canada is sort of like Switzerland as the nation isn’t exactly the terrorist magnet of the world like the US and their economy is booming and its sovereign debt level is reasonable.

Note: Federal taxes are lower in Canada than in the U.S., overall. As of January 1, 2012, the top marginal personal income tax rate is 29% compared to 35%, top capital gains tax rate of 14.5% for all capital gains compared to 15% only for gains acquired over at least a year in the U.S., a top corporate tax rate of 16.5% compared to 35%, and no inheritance tax, compared to the top rate of 35% in the U.S.

Anyway, we continued to argue bureaucracy, tax-rates, crime, friendly law enforcement, victimless crimes, the Patriot Act and how the American sovereign debt, the dollar and the nightmare of our political institutions – except for the Ron Paul Campaign – threatens every American citizen and business. I lost the argument so I’m now moving to Canada to become CEO of a new start-up company with a viable solution for people suffering from the effects of unwanted hair loss and baldness – both males and females.

For more on why Canada is more pro-business than the U.S. these days, see:

1) Canada more economically free than the United States for a third year in a row: Heritage Foundation
2) Canada the best place for business in 2011: Forbes
3) Still think Canada is more socialist than the United States? The joke’s on you

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