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Lew RockwellAs further evidence of the “say one thing, do another” mentality of some Austrian adherents, like Lew Rockwell, in claiming to be anti-state, yet voluntarily entering into an agreement with government, here we have Lew Rockwell’s self-described “anti-state” site regularly posting state media articles by Russia Today.

Amazingly, as of January 3, 2014, LRC has published 63 articles by the state broadcaster and publisher, Russia Today! — and with their permission. (Why bother seeking permission of an entity you regard to be illegitimate?)

Here was the latest one, on January 3, 2014: “US the Biggest Threat to World Peace in 2013

If the U.S. is the biggest threat to world peace in 2013, I ask again: why did he and other founders of the Mises Institute enter into a voluntary agreement with it?

For more on Lew Rockwell’s anti-state credibility problem, see my articles:

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5) Lew Rockwell entered into a voluntary agreement with the same government he regards as “far worse than the mafia”

6) The Ludwig von Mises Institute hates government so much, they’re a government-sanctioned and regulated tax-exempt organization

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Starting 12 minutes in, Professor Antal Fekete of the “New Austrian School” of economics explains the more than 80% manipulated collapse in the price of silver from 1879 to 1935 on the February 28, 2013 episode of the Keiser Report on Russia Today.

So much for silver being “a store of value”!

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Luke RudkowskiI strongly support individual activism, and Luke Rudkowski of We Are Change has inspired many in that regard.

However, given my experience with the vicious tactics employed by the likes of Robert Gallo and Anthony Fauci in the $300+ billion AIDS scam, I seriously have to question why Luke Rudkowski hasn’t had his press credentials revoked, if those he exposes really feel threatened by his activities.

On the other hand, Abby Martin of Russia Today was threatened by Rand Paul’s staff that she could have her press credentials revoked, and she could possibly be arrested.

Rand Paul’s staff are lightweights compared to the institutional heft of the U.S. government and its chief AIDS scam promoters, Robert Gallo and Anthony Fauci.

From the AIDS scam, we see that those who are regarded as true threats to the scam can be kept off the mass media (Dr. Peter Duesberg being a key example), and that news organizations exposing the scam are bullied, such as Harper’s in 2006, for publishing investigative journalist Celia Farber’s article, Out of Control: AIDS and the corruption of medical science.

Even the so-called alternative talk show, Coast to Coast AM, is in on the act of keeping discussion of the AIDS scam off its airwaves, thanks especially to George Noory.

Revoking press credentials and controlling access is an easy thing for the establishment, but they have not yet seen fit to revoke Luke Rudkowski’s press credentials, and I really have to ask the question, “why?”

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Stephen LendmanDespite his articles being regularly featured on Alex Jones’ Infowars.com, Stephen Lendman has never been invited to be a guest on the Alex Jones Show, as this archive search shows.

Another glaring omission is that Lendman has also never been invited onto Coast to Coast AM, though that shouldn’t be surprising, considering he’s such a staunch anti-Zionist, and Coast to Coast AM has deliberately kept discussion of Zionism off the air.

The justification that Lendman isn’t well-known enough to justify an invitation on either show is definitely not the case, since he is a regular guest on Russia Today, which Alex Jones and Webster Tarpley are regularly featured on.

It also doesn’t hold that Lendman is too “left wing” for Alex Jones’ audience, since Webster Tarpley is repeatedly invited back, even after Alex Jones’ childish behaviour during his interview of Tarpley criticizing Ron Paul at Bilderberg 2012.

Instead of their listeners getting a fresh perspective, the usual suspects of both shows are repeatedly invited back. For more on some of who they are, see my article, The questionable guests of Coast to Coast AM.

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