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Peter Duesberg

Dr. Stan Monteith has wanted to debate Dr. Peter Duesberg on AIDS ever since 1996, when he became convinced that HIV was created in a lab to target certain populations.

Fortunately, I was able to arrange an interview, through my connections to both, as being a two-time guest on Dr. Stan’s show, and as the Media Coordinator for Rethinking AIDS.

The full interview is available for a limited time on Dr. Stan’s site here.

The GCN archive is available here.

Dr. Duesberg, being a scientist, was expecting to address scientific questions concerning HIV/AIDS, but Dr. Stan kept asking him about certain individuals from the 80s and 90s.

While Dr. Duesberg’s call terminated in the middle of the interview, the full archive shows it was during a 4-minute break, and he reappeared in the last interview segment. Dr. Stan later acknowledged that it could have been as a result of Dr. Duesberg attempting to go on speaker phone.

Despite the technical problems, Dr. Stan and Dr. Duesberg were able to put their respective positions out there for the audience to examine, including Dr. Duesberg’s 2011 paper published in a peer-reviewed scientific journal showing a huge increase in Africa’s population during the “AIDS epidemic.”

I credit Dr. Stan for giving a chance for Dr. Duesberg to present his views to Dr. Stan’s wide audience, and for conducting the interview professionally, in contrast with the likes of Dr. Len Horowitz, who accused Dr. Duesberg of being a mass murderer instead of addressing the questions posed to him by host George Whitehurst-Berry in the infamous May 22, 2008 Duesberg-Horowitz ‘debate.’

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