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Some claim that your birth certificate is a security instrument traded on a stock exchange.

In the case of an Ontario birth certificate, some point to the mention of “CANADIAN BANK NOTE” on it.

At first glance, that would seem to be clear evidence of it being a bank note.

However, a simple search comes up with the website for the company, “Canadian Bank Note Company, Limited.”

From their Identification Systems / Documents page:

Canadian Bank Note’s identification documents portfolio includes Civil Registry certificates such as birth, marriage, and death certificates.

Therefore, the mention of “CANADIAN BANK NOTE” isn’t a reference to the birth certificate being a Canadian bank note, but to the company of the same name that prints it.

If Ontario’s birth certificates are being traded on a stock exchange such as the NYSE, as some allege, then we should expect to find mention of them in the filings for the province of Ontario in the United States Securities and Exchange Commission’s Company Search database.

From the filings for the province of Ontario (CIN: 0000074615), we should expect to find mention of that in the annual reports or prospectuses. A further search turned up no such evidence.

But even before going this far in the investigation, the fact that some are claiming that a note is being traded on a stock exchange shows that they don’t know the difference between a stock and a note, and therefore, their entire claim is dubious from the very beginning. Stock exchanges trade shares in the stock of a company, not notes, which are debt instruments.

For the claim that Canada is a corporation, see my article, SEC Company Search shows Canada, but not as a corporation.

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If you search for “Canada” on the Company Search page of SEC.gov, the first result is for “CANADA,” with the “Business Address” of:


However, that’s not evidence that Canada is a corporation, as some claim. Among the filings listed are 18-K filings, which are described as an “Annual report for foreign government and political subdivisions.”

Looking at the latest one, there is no mention of Canada being a corporation.

Looking at one entitled “Prospectus,” it shows that Canada is selling “Canada notes,” showing why Canada is listed in the SEC’s database, given that it is selling securities in the United States.

While some have pointed to Canada’s existence in the SEC’s company database as evidence that Canada is a corporation, it should be clear from the above findings that it shows no such thing whatsoever.

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Jim Cramer, former hedge fund manager and TV personality, blithely explains how the market is manipulated, including illegal activities, by telling us what he did and would do as a hedge fund manager.

Here are some of his most revealing statements (emphasis mine):

“You know, a lot of times when I was short at my hedge fund and I was positioned short, meaning I needed it down, I would create a level of activity beforehand that could drive the futures. It doesn’t take much money. Or if I were long and I would want to make things a little bit rosy, I would go in and take a bunch of stocks and make sure they’re higher and maybe commit $5 million in capital to do it and I could affect it. What you’re seeing now is probably a bigger market now. Maybe you need $10 million in capital to knock the stuff down, but it’s a fun game and it’s a lucrative game.

“I’m gonna boost the futures and then when the real sellers come in, the real market comes in, they’re going to knock it down, it’s going to create a negative view. That’s a strategy very worth doing when you’re valuing on a day-to-day basis. I would encourage anyone in the hedge fund game to do it, because it’s legal, it’s a very quick way to make money, and very satisfying. By the way, no one else in the world would ever admit that, but I couldn’t care. I’m not gonna say it on TV.

“When you get a Research In Motion, it’s really important to use a lot of your firepower to knock that down, because it’s the folcrum of the market today. So I mean, let’s say I were short. What I’d do is I’d hit a lot of guys with RIM. You can’t foment, you can’t create yourself, an impression that a stock’s down. But you do it anyway, because the SEC doesn’t understand it. That’s the only sense I would say it’s illegal.”

“When your company’s in a survival mode, it’s really important to defeat Research in Motion and get the Pisanis of the world and the people talking about it as if there’s something wrong with RIM. Then you would call The Journal and you get the bozo reporter on Research in Motion and you would feed that Palm’s got a killer that it’s going to give away. These are all the things you must do on a day like today, and if you’re not doing it, maybe you shouldn’t be in the game.”

“Apple’s very important to spread the rumor that both Verizon and AT&T have decided they don’t like the phone. That’s a very easy one to do. You also want to spread the rumor that it’s not going to be ready for Macworld. And this is very easy, because the people who write about Apple want that story. And you can claim that it’s credible because you spoke to someone at Apple, because Apple’s not going to issue a statement. It’s really an ideal short.”

“What’s important when you’re in that hedge fund mode is to not do anything remotely truthful, because the truth is so against your view, and it’s important to create a new truth to develop a fiction.

“The great thing about the market is it has absolutely nothing to do with the actual stocks.”

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