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First off, I fully disclose that I was born in Canada to non-American parents, and therefore am not qualified to be President, and I am willing to prove my credentials with a long-form birth certificate, unlike the current sitting President of the United States.

Contrary to the popular notion that the Founding Fathers were most concerned about an overreaching judiciary, all one needs to do is look at the Constitution that 39 of them signed to see that the qualifications for, and limitations on, the judicial branch, are the most narrow of the three branches of government.

Unlike the President of the United States, Supreme Court Justices aren’t required to be a natural born citizens. Nor for that matter, from a plain reading of the Constitution, are they even required to be U.S. citizens.

While the Constitution clearly places citizenship, residency, and age requirements on Representatives and Senators, no such requirements are specified for Supreme Court Justices.

Nor does the Constitution specify any maximum or minimum number of  Supreme Court Justices, unlike Representatives and Senators.

As one of your Supreme Court Justices, I swear to uphold all of the Constitution, and not just the parts I want to uphold, unlike most candidates for office in the United States.

For insight into my judicial philosophy, please check the archives of my site.

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The Senate's side of the Capitol Building in DC.

If we do it, it's legal!

There is still talk about whether there was the constitutionally required quorum of members for passage of the Federal Reserve Act in 1913.

However, on December 19 of this year, the day the food bill was passed in the Senate, directly from the Congressional Record, it shows that in the next item of business, there was a successful request for unanimous consent to waive what is admitted to be “mandatory quorum.”

In the Senate’s own glossary of terms, they admit that 51 Senators is a constitutional requirement for quorum to do business, and even brazenly admit that often, fewer Senators are actually on the floor, but they say that quorum is presumed unless the contrary is shown by a quorum call or a roll call vote!

However, there are repeated examples from the Congressional Record of quorum calls being made where it was demonstrated that quorum wasn’t present at the time.

I feel that this regular flouting of a clearly defined constitutional requirement needs to be made aware to more Americans so they know a big reason why their government is as unrepresentative and unlawful as it has become today.

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