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Here is a summary I prepared of Simon Shack‘s March 12, 2015 appearance on K Ham Radio. For a summary of his most recent appearance that I had documented, see here.

22m – Simon joins
23m – Eric Darton’s book, saying that everyone was evacuated from the WTC buildings after the 1993 bombing
25m – He said didn’t find much evidence of deaths in the Social Security Death Index from the 1993 WTC bombing, that there was a thread in clues forum about it (only one of the six reported victims were found there — John DiGiovanni)
– He asked, who wants to kill 3000 bankers?
33m – BBC experts, John Schilling and Robert Schmucker — are they shills and schmucks?
35m – Fake photographers and journalists
40m – Fetzer’s gatekeeping – an early “no planer”, but never mentioned September Clues
41m – He was contacted by Fetzer to come on his show
43m – Hilarious atomic bomb test footage
44m – French guy who made a film about him being on stage and taking his head
46m – Getting harder to tell now, but you can still spot problems
– He simulated a plane going into the towers after a few hours when he was first getting into this research
47m – Question about whether they used state-of-the-art software or intentionally made things look bad
– They put red herrings in on purpose
49m – Said they put some squibs on the collapse footage – said he’s proven they are animations
– In Loose Change, they used the squibs to make the case for controlled demolition – serves as candy for conspiracy theorists
– K says she fell for it for awhile, and was amazed to think that they actually put them there on purpose
50m – They had to make it explode from the top because an airplane hit the top
– Conflicting information of squibs — not that many — 3 or 4 — red herrings for people to run after
51m – In 2007, when he was producing September Clues, he wasn’t sure that 100% of the tower collapses were fake imagery
– Confirmation bias – probably have psychologists running this psy-op
52m – Faking of jumpers was a very important aspect, since it would “prove” that there were people in the towers
54m – Said that was Michael Moore’s job, to make a movie for the theatres (implying he was controlled opposition, in order to make it out to be a Democrat-Republican thing, with Bush acting suspicious, but acting as a limited hangout)
55m – Said, like all Europeans, we don’t like firearms
– Admitted to being brainwashed
57m – In Fahrenheit 9/11, as plane goes into building, screen goes blank, and he remembers the same clip in other footage, of a woman screaming “oh my God!”
58m – When they do these psy-ops, they first release low-res videos and photos, so they can claim any problems are due to video compression, but then when it goes well, they release hi-res images
59m – Suddenly, in 2010, NIST released hi-res videos of 9/11, because abc supposedly filed an FOIA request
1h1m – 4 metre tall jumpers, when humans are normally only 2 metres — no human that tall
– Hi-res images proved even more that the imagery was pre-fabricated
1h2m – Some hi-res images were just better renderings of so-called amateur videos already put out by camera planet
– Nice blue skies, and suddenly things looked more realistic
– Sky on supposed live broadcasts are different colours – orange, green, yellow, grey
1h4m – In one video, north face of tower has light on it, when in another from the same angle, it’s in shade
1h6m – So easy for them to fool people with video fakery, because you have to sit down and really look at it
1h8m – No way that best TV stations could have equipment that could allow strange sky colours from helicopters
1h9m – They decided to have the Pentagon event, since they couldn’t have commercials
– only CNN showed the collapse “live”
1h10m – They said towers collapsed in 9 and 11 seconds, respectively – said they’re slapping our faces with such obviousness (Ed Note: this was the time they said the collapsing debris first hit the ground)
1h11m – Video only showing half collapsed after the time NIST reported
1h13m – Suspicious can zoom-in of “live” tower collapse
– zooms in close, and stops zooming in just as tower starts collapsing
– on 9/11, no street imagery shown “live”
1h14m – No imagery of people running out of the buildings
– Harley t-shirt guy, saying he saw the towers collapse, from structural failure
1h15m – White baby powder of people’s faces
– Said Rick Levanthal wasn’t there that morning, when it showed him supposedly on the street that day
1h16m – Reporter who just happened to be near the towers just before the collapse
1h18m – They had to show that in order to justify why there wasn’t much street action
– Laughable video of crowd running away from dust cloud, saying it’s very much like something from a Hollywood movie
1h19m – Smoke snaking its way around corners
– Films made before 9/11, like Armageddon, look more realistic than 9/11
1h20m – Where’s all the talent for this type of work? — in Hollywood
1h21m – Said the work was done by operatives, not people like George Lucas
1h22m – Said he considers 9/11 a gift, for giving themselves away, by overdoing it
1h24m – Those who live near him, in his village, are onboard with what he’s doing
1h26m – Norwegian guy who works with satellites, who nearly killed him one night
1h31m – Says he doesn’t think a rocket can go any higher than about 100 km
1h35m – Issue about not burning up when going up into the atmosphere, but only down into it
– How is it that meteors burn up, but spaceship doesn’t?
– What about friction going up?
1h37m – Asked about the Van Allen Belt, simon called him “another clown”
– Funny laugh by someone in the background
1h39m – Walt Disney a great friend of Von Braun
1h40m – First NASA administrator, was the former director of paramount studios
1h42m – Good question about how can it be fake if it’s so complicated?
1h47m – If rockets are so good now, why launch them from such remote locations? like in Guyana
1h55m – Said there’s no lens that can have a good picture of something on earth from a satellite, and it makes more sense to have the picture from a plane or balloon
1h58m – Said he doesn’t believe there are any satellites
2h8m – Said it makes sense that chemtrails may be used to enhance communications
– His friend who lives near the airport says he sees them everyday
2h14m – We never heard of ISIS until last year
2h26m – Bob McIlvaine
2h27m – When he cries about his son allegedly dying on 9/11, he does it the same way every time
2h29m – Questioned Abby Martin’s sincerity, and said she’s apparently a good friend of Dylan Avery of loose change
– Saying she started weeping, without tears, talking about some Truther dying a few years ago (Michael Ruppert)
2h30m – Crying the day her program was terminated, saying she was for truth
– Called it fake crying
2h33m – Buzz Aldrin living a lie
– The suspicious Apollo 11 post-mission press conference, with them looking nervous
2h34m – He was afraid to lose credibility by talking about the Moon landings being faked, but then figured he’d lose credibility by not talking about it as being fake
2h37m – Suspicious Harrison Ford plane crash story, conveniently around the time of a new film release
2h51m – Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize
3h13m – Video anomaly with planes, where dashcam 1 and dashcam 2 positions are 60 metres apart, yet the plane is in the same place in the background

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Fakeologist RadioWith growing interest in my summaries of Simon Shack’s appearances, here is a summary I had prepared during the summer of 2013 about his appearance on December 16, 2012 on Fakeologist Radio.

17m – Dick Oliver, a veteran New York reporter, falsely claimed that the South Tower had just been hit, when it was the North Tower
24m – Pat the helicopter guy isn’t there in the live feed when he should be, according to the so-called amateur videos
39m – Said where Aaron Brown was was obviously green screened
41m – At 7:46 in Sept Clues addendum – fake story of Pat Walsh claiming there was so much smoke so they couldn’t rescue people from top of buildings
43m – Funny moment when Dick Oliver says he can hear sirens, and there’s no sound until 5 seconds later
49m – Maybe they used electromagnetic jamming
said Naudet film was probably made beforehand
54m – Tower 7 collapse videos also have inconsistencies
57m – New York reporter claiming he doesn’t know where he is, when Building 7 collapses
1h1m – Guy looks like pointing to something on a screen
1h3m – Toasted cars put there beforehand
1h7m – They suddenly released hi-res photos years later
1h11m – Famous Tower 7 collapse footage — whoa whoa whoa guy
1h18m – Willie Rodriguez a fake witness to say bombs exploded to justify white smoke on the ground in case smoke machines were used to obscure real demolition
1h22m – Completely different soundtrack, zoom in/zoom out at perfect times
1h24m – Independence Day destruction of white house from 1996
1h32m – Phony victim father actor, Bob Mcilvaine
1h34m – Bob as a 9/11 Truther, so it’s even harder to criticize him as being an actor
1h42m – Bob says in speech, he’s just an honest guy searching for the truth, and “it’s not about racism, it’s not about anti-semitism” — for no good reason to inject the matter of anti-semitism
1h46m – Speech is totally programmed – not spontaneous at all, despite the ridiculous claim that he’s being spontaneous with every speech
1h47m – Some silly 9/11 victim family names like Vanessa Lang Langer
1h48m – Donna O’Connor – mentioned odd point about “family myth” of her alleged daughter being pregnant, but then mentioned unborn baby as if her alleged daughter was really pregnant
1h53m – Donna mentioning about her daughter travelling to work in the most dangerous car in America – the Ford Explorer
1h56m – Donna blasts Bush again, but comes across as crazy
2h – Brad and Mary Fetchet of voices of 9/11 group
2h3m – Jersey Girls – most famous family members who apparently forced Bush to have an investigation — managed opposition
2h4m – Important point about group that’s already doing something about investigation so we don’t need to take action
2h5m – Deena Burnett on phone with husband – 3 hour battery on cell phone back in 2001?
2h22m – Mariott hotel worker claiming he heard an explosion, must’ve been a plane
2h25m – Rescue guy conveniently had daughter die in second plane crash, said she was born on September 11, 1990, gave up struggle for life after 40 days
2h35m – Limited hangout 9/11 documentaries

For my most recent summary of Simon Shack’s appearances, see here.

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Fakeologist Radio

Here is a summary I prepared of Fakeologist Radio Episode 87a with Simon Shack of September Clues.

8m – Reporter standing so close to WTC — says take 1, take 2 — when pans up to top floors, it’s edited in
12m – Reusing actors
14m – “King Kong man”
15m – Simon said it’s slam dunk that videos are fake
20m – Independence Day movie from 1996 shows top-down destruction of the Empire State building
24m – Purported amateur footage has camera pointed toward onlookers, seem to be overacting
28m – Says he can prove that the towers have been inserted into sceneries
32m – From frame-to-frame, size of towers change dramatically
34m – First they released low-quality videos to conceal problems
35m – Now with high-quality 2010 FOIA videos, can see them — why released 9 years later if they existed back then?
40m – ABC behind NIST FOIA request
41m – “Witness” tries to have her jaw drop, then looks into the camera, making a mistake
52m – Said audio engineer of these videos should’ve been fired
1h4m – They had to have total control of the situation — all videos were faked
1h9m – Chinese Moon landings
1h13m – Said we have caught them in the nick of time, faking 9/11, before they can create simulated actors to fool us all

For the previoust show summary, see here.

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Fakeologist RadioHere is the summary I prepared of Fakeologist Radio Episode 82 with Onebornfree and Simon Shack of September Clues.

I had previously documented in a summary of another interview with Simon Shack that I hadn’t heard him say he doesn’t believe that satellites exist,  as was alleged, but he said so in this episode, which I found disappointing, since there is various evidence one can point to in arguing in favour of the existence of satellites, and this is a point I raised on my September 14, 2013 interview on Fakeologist Radio.

For instance, we can prove that AIDS is a scam, because the original papers linking HIV to AIDS have been shown to be fraudulent, and it can be demonstrated that HIV has never been classically proven to cause AIDS, and there are several highly prominent scientists and doctors who have said as much. Where are similar papers and scientists speaking out about satellites being fake?

And, we can also show what didn’t happen on 9/11, and that much of the official government narrative is false, but to talk about satellites not existing is the kind of thing that, even if true, could cause a lot of average people to tune out of the provable claims about 9/11, and other issues.

With that caveat, here is my summary of the show:

6m – Abirato talked about ruling structure — Jews and Jesuits, but said it definitely has a Jesuit flavour to it
7m – Said Jews are put forward as obvious choice — said you can’t criticize power structure unless you say it’s the Jews who do it
8m – Said he doesn’t go the way “everyone else does” about saying it’s Jews, and said it’s like a magician’s trick, in not looking where you’re told to look
19m – Claimed his site is under denial of service attack
29m – Fetzer can rattle off all sorts of facts about buildings and nuclear isotopes, but doesn’t talk about certain things
30m – Said he thinks Fetzer is confused, not an agent
40m – Can’t get in a word in edge-wise with Fetzer after he goes off on things
50m – OBF said he thinks Don Fox is an agent — saying Building 7 and pentagon were nuked
1h – He first thought Judy Wood’s work was correct, then rejected it
1h6m – Possibility of false 9/11 Truth opposition, so that people who question it see people questioning it and don’t do anything
1h9m – Says he’s of two minds about Fetzer — one day he thinks he’s a govt agent
1h21m – Rollo says he thinks Fetzer is a professional liar
1h35m – Simon saying real victim families would be suing him for saying there were fake victims
1h39m – Simon saying Fetzer called OBF an idiot
1h41m – John Friend-Mike Delaney debate with Delaney saying Simon Shack is Jewish
1h42m – Simon put up his real phone numbers, but didn’t get any real survivors calling
1h42m – Simon said he has regrets about his missile theory in september clues
1h44m – Fetzer and Don Fox gatekeeping for the images of September 11 as being real
1h44m – Simon said he thinks Fetzer is on the payroll of the media people
1h46m – Simon said he’s not happy that Clues Forum is one of the few places to talk about these things
1h51m – Simon said they probably used very powerful military smoke machines on 9/11 so no one could see the towers
1h55m – Eric Darton wrote a book in 1993, saying they emptied the towers then
1h58m – Simon said Dianne Sawyer and Matt Lauer obviously in on it
2h10m – Simon said Fetzer turned the meaning of prima facie on its head
2h12m – Simon said to OBF that we have to say now that Jim Fetzer is a major gatekeeper, and is part of a team along with ace baker, Nico Haupt, Webfairy, Don Fox, Kevin Barrett
2h13m – Simon said he sees Alex Jones as catering to the Tea Party and Fetzer catering to the liberal faction
2h14m – Ace Baker committing suicide live on Fetzer’s show
2h15m – Said Judy Wood is on the same team as Fetzer, along with Richard Hall
2h21m – OBF said he thinks Don Fox is definitely an agent
2h22m – Fetzer saying it’s beyond doubt that the towers were nuked
2h28m – Simon saying we don’t know if nuclear weapons exist — saying they are building a hoax upon a hoax with talk of mini nukes on 9/11
2h30m – Simon called Dimitri Khalezov an incredible clown
2h31m – OBF said he found Khalezov to be very patient in a thread on Veterans Today
2h34m – Simon said he really likes John Friend, but said the problem is, his past association with Prothink guys
2h36m – Italy now a country that puts people in jail for questioning the Holocaust
2h38m – Said the Moon landing pics are transparently ridiculous
2h43m – Simon said don’t go there, to caller about the nature of the universe
2h45m – Said we don’t have the ability to go above 100km into the air
2h47m – Simon said he doesn’t think satellites exist, admitted he would be attacked by all sorts of people for saying that, saying if you believe NASA, they say we have 17,000 of them now
2h55m – Ab said they perpetrate hoaxes that people can’t go there to verify or disprove
3h2m – Simon said same people behind Moon landings and 9/11 fakery
3h8m – Simon said we have to stop giving the benefit of the doubt to Fetzer about 9/11
3h8m – Simon said Alex Jones is too blatant, and looks too foolish as a gatekeeper
3h11m – They speculated that Bart Sibrel of Astronauts Gone Wild may have staged the whole thing
3h13m – Simon said he’s more and more convinced that Steve Rosenbaum is behind all these 9/11 amateur videos
3h16m – Said yes, Rosenbaum’s Jewish, and he also named Kenneth Feinberg
3h17m – Said there are many, many Jews involved
3h17m – Ab said many Jews were put there as a visible target
3h24m – Question about Brian Staveley being a shill
3h26m – Markus Allen has simon on his list of gatekeepers, and his name is Markus Goldstein
3h26m – Rollo defensive about the Jewish question
3h27m – Said Markus Allen is a stalker
3h28m – Rollo said Markus told him that Fetzer was a total fraud
3h29m – Simon said ace baker was rolled out to discredit September Clues
3h31m – He addresses the sponsorship of his brother by a bin Laden brother
3h44m – Simon said Fetzer’s purpose is to absorb the people who follow Simon’s research
3h50m – Simon getting annoyed by caller, asking for moderator to intervene
3h54m – Simon said they used an algorithm to create fake victim names
3h57m – Said he’s been waiting a decade for a family member to call him saying they had someone die
3h57m – Alleged celebrity deaths
3h59m – Said they had some real people disappear, and some fake people disappear, to get us running around in circles, questioning things
4h – Asked why he makes statement that no one died on 9/11, when it’s unknowable to us, and simon said it’s because of his logic and research
4h2m – Said Rudy Giuliani is a mobster for saying for 2 weeks that 6667 died
4h3m – Made fun of Howard Lutnik of Cantor-Fitzgerald, for claiming his brother died on 9/11
4h5m – Missing Links documentary

1) Summary of John Friend’s excellent interview with Simon Shack of September Clues, November 6, 2013

2) Summary of September Clues’ Simon Shack March 17, 2013 interview on Radio.Abirato

3) Creepy and suspicious 9/11 testimony by victim’s mother

4) Onebornfree scheduled to be back on Exposing Faux Capitalism with Jason Erb, November 17, 2013

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Onebornfree is scheduled to be my return guest on Exposing Faux Capitalism, on November 17, 2013 from 8 to 10 PM EST.

With renewed interest in alternative 9/11 research from some recent interviews, the topic will be 9/11.

For these recent interviews, see:

1) Summary of John Friend’s excellent interview with Simon Shack of September Clues, November 6, 2013

2) Why is John Friend giving a platform to Ace Baker, who discredited himself by faking his own suicide on-air?

3) Onebornfree’s third interview by James Fetzer

O.B.F. was previously on my show on September 15, discussing anarcho-capitalism.

For O.B.F.’s 9/11 research review site, see onebornfrees911researchreview.blogspot.com

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Simon ShackHere is my summary of the interesting points I heard during John Friend’s excellent interview of Simon Shack of September Clues on November 6, 2013.

Previously, I wrote the article, Summary of September Clues’ Simon Shack March 17, 2013 interview on Radio.Abirato.

15m – VicSims
16m – Headline about nearly 3000 alleged 9/11 victims not showing up in SSDI or 9/11 Victims Compensation Fund
17m – Tania Head a proven 9/11 victim fraud, as a way to admit some fakery, but conceal other fakers
19m – Simon said Head was another actress
21m – Use of actors in 9/11 confirmed by their use in smaller subsequent ops, like Sandy Hook and Boston Marathon bombings
23m – Said Ellen Mariani is fake victim family member – had Phil Berg as lawyer, case went on to the U.S. Supreme Court – Said they’re both Jewish – her and Berg
24m – Said there are 30 other actors, like Bob McIlvaine
25m – Simon called Apollo astronauts actors
27m – Fiona Havlish implicated as a victim family’s actor by friend, said she’s Jewish, and had a lawsuit against Iran, to feed into bogus 9/11 narrative
30m – All who said they saw a passenger plane are media people
31m – Said he was in Manhattan in the early morning during one visit, and there’s not so many people there between 8 and 9 AM — NYSE opens at 10 AM
32m – Said it could be true information that FEMA was there the day before 9/11
36m – Ridiculous figures of death tolls, with numbers adding up to 11
38m – He implicated Steven Rosenbaum
40m – Mark Walsh, “Harley Guy” 9/11 actor
41m – Some guy with Simon’s research team tried to tie Walsh in with some Canadian actor, Mark Humphrey
42m – Said Walsh went on Opie and Anthony show the day after, repeating his story
46m – Said Fox reporter Rick Leventhal screwed up in video, calling him Mark Walsh, but was called by everyone as Harley t-shirt guy.” Ozzy bin Oswald’s purpose was to confuse him with actor Mark Humphrey
49m – Theresa Renaud, the wife of the boss of the CBS Morning Show, Jack Renaud
52m – Ace Baker popped out of nowhere after debut of September clues, went to Jim Fetzer’s Madison Truth Conference – Judy Wood and Dave von Kleist and Ace Baker, then came out and said 98% of September Clues was disinfo
56m – Says Jim Fetzer is paid to not talk about total fakery
58m – Said new crisis actors (Sandy Hook, Boston Marathon bombings) are worse than the 9/11 actors
1h – Alice Hoagland, alleged mother of Mark Bingham
1h3m – She’s smiling as she’s telling her story
1h4m – Mourning family members an intentional psychological wall so you don’t dare question their authenticity
1h5m – Said maybe they want to create a division between those who believe in them and those who can see through them
1h6m – Boston Marathon bombings resulted in huge spike in traffic
1h10m – Tom from Connecticut said he agrees with Simon about Fetzer, Wood and Baker being disinfo agents
1h11m – Operation Mincemeat in WWII, as an example of military deception
1h24m – Simon said Moon landings were the mother of all fakery ops
1h25m – H bombs on Japan are fake?
1h29m – Jokingly said the bankers were behind these fear-based operations
1h31m – 1000s of flyers of supposedly missing people on 9/11 put in alphabetical order
1h33m – Guy behind flyer operation a friend of Steve Rosenbaum
1h35m – Some technology that jammed cell phones and video cameras at Ground Zero

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Ace Baker

Ace Baker

Despite being into alternative 9/11 research since 2006, I unfortunately — or perhaps, fortunately — had never heard of Ace Baker until June of 2013.

From Ace Baker’s production, 9/11 – The Great American Psy-Opera, I clearly saw the video fakery among one or both of the famous South Tower plane hit videos (Hezarkhani and Fairbanks), with a puff of smoke coming out above one of the wing tips in one video, and out below the same wing tip on the other, with the video in his documentary corresponding to the earliest footage.

However, Ace Baker committed fake suicide on air, on Jim Fetzer’s show on January 6, 2009.

If that wasn’t enough, check out 19:52 of the second part of his documentary, where he makes the entire evidence he had presented up to that point look foolish in the mind of the average person already propagandized not to take alternative 9/11 research seriously, by showing a cartoon video of Dick Cheney singing and acting ridiculous.

Subsequent to John Friend’s excellent November 6, 2013 show with Simon Shack, producer of the documentary, September Clues, it has been reported that he plans to have Ace Baker on his show.

In the last 20 minutes of my September 8 Exposing Faux Capitalism Show, I went public with my identification of 9/11 disinformation operatives, including Ace Baker.

Given that, why is John Friend giving a platform to Ace Baker, who discredited himself by faking his own suicide on air?

From his October 30, 2013 interview with Onebornfree about 9/11:

John Friend October 31, 2013 at 11:38 PM

I emailed Ace Baker today and hope to have him on in the near future. I would also like to have Phil Jayhan and Simon Shack on (not together, obviously). If anyone reading this has contact info for either Simon or Phil, let me know!

I specifically made my opinion known to counter the perception among some that Ace Baker may just be crazy, or acting crazy, instead of crediting him for being the disinformation agent I think he is, hired by the same plotters behind 9/11.

This just goes to show that regardless of hosts having genuine intentions, obvious (once you know what to look for) disinformation operatives and shills can continue to get a platform to fool new victims in the phony alternative media.

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