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Since my last broadcast on Oracle Broadcasting on March 31, 2013, Exposing Faux Capitalism with be returning to the airwaves, Sunday May 12, 2013, from 8 to 10 PM Eastern on Truth Frequency Radio, and every subsequent Sunday.

For more on my show, see my top broadcasts of 2012 and my all-time favourite interviews.

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An old microphoneOracle Broadcasting, one of the top internet radio broadcasters, of which my show, Exposing Faux Capitalism, is on every Sunday from 1 to 3 PM Eastern, is looking for new hosts.

As of January 31, 2013, there are several spots open, including:

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday: 1 to 3 PM Central
Saturday: 1 to 4 PM Central
Sunday: 6 to 8 and 8 to 10 PM Central

If you’re interested and qualified, drop me an email, and I can get you in touch with the station director.

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Lee Rogers has been busy since his radio hosting retirement on December 21, 2012, after hosting Live Free or Die Radio on several networks since 2007, including the network he co-founded — Oracle Broadcasting — from 2008 to 2012.

Here he was on Dennis Fetcho’s show, Inside the Eye Live!, on January 5, 2013, which was in the top 5 of shows for January on Oracle Broadcasting:

Lee Rogers, former host of Live Free or Die Radio and co-founder of the Oracle Broadcasting Network joined for 3 hours. Lee’s recent retirement, the status of the Oracle Broadcasting Network, history of alternative radio, some politics and calls.

Then, on January 11, he wrote this article for Blacklisted News, Guest Post: Alex Jones Proves Again That He Is A Creation Of The Corporate Media, which was well-received with 121 comments, including predictable Alex Jones devotees, seeing absolutely nothing wrong with his behaviour over the years, despite many indications to the contrary.

Previously, I wrote the article, While Mark Dice was appearing on Alex Jones’ show, Lee Rogers was at the forefront of exposing him.

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An old microphone

I noticed that as of late 2011, archive.org has been storing audio files as part of its historical archives of websites.

If a show you like has gone off the air, you can probably get the audio of the shows since late 2011 by entering the audio page URL into your browser at archive.org and download it from there.

This is particularly useful for me in listening to old Dr. Stan Monteith shows that aren’t archived at GCNLive.com, because they are the two evening hours.

Oracle Broadcasting’s old archives can also be found there, since some of the older 2012 show archives have already disappeared from Oracle’s main site.

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Since Lee Rogers’ retirement after his last broadcast on December 21, 2012, the 10 PM to 1 AM Eastern timeslot on Oracle Broadcasting has been open, and after some temporary appearances, Mike Chambers is back full-time with his new show, the Liberty Garage, every 10 PM to 1 AM Eastern.

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Charles GiulianiCharles Giuliani’s Truth Hertz show notes are now available for free online at truthhertz.weebly.com.

They are a virtual treasure trove of information, especially with regard to his research into Judaism, Christianity, Zionism and 9/11.

For more on his show, see my articles:

1) Jason Erb discusses alternative economics on Truth Hertz with Charles Giuliani

2) Charles Giuliani’s Truth Hertz radio archives a virtual treasure trove of information

3) Called into Truth Hertz with Charles Giuliani about Christianity and Islam

4) Exposed the AIDS scam on Truth Hertz with Charles Giuliani

5) Oracle Broadcasting being threatened by a dirty, covert campaign to target its sponsors

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George Whitehurst-BerrySince abruptly cancelling George Whitehurst-Berry’s GCN show, Crash! Are You Ready? on April 13, 2012, GCN has selectively removed his archives.

As of August 6, 2012, I see that none of his 2012 shows are available (example), while his 2007-2011 shows are.

The full archive list isn’t available, but you can access some of them individually through my past articles, and they follow a particular pattern so you can choose a particular show by modifying the URL.

Is this just an oversight, or were his 2012 shows particularly threatening to some people that they had to be removed? Anyone who listened to the last few weeks of his broadcast will remember how hard-hitting they were. The fact that his archive list was pulled the same day a replacement show aired was suspicious enough for such a long-running show, and I doubt that the selective pulling of the 2012 archives was an oversight.

His extensive collection of interviews exposing the AIDS scam from 2008-2010 are still available indefinitely.

For more on the cancellation of his show, see my article, Why the termination of George Whitehurst-Berry’s GCN show likely wasn’t strictly a business decision.

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